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Pink Moon Luxury Camping

Pink Moon Camping offer a range of fantastic glamping options from roomy tents, spacious tipis and even boutique bell tents with beds and power! There are a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs this year. With inclusive access of hot showers and clean toilets, 24/7 security, unlimited phone charging and even an amazing pamper parlour for you to enjoy!

For 2018 Pink Moon customers will have access to the boats to take them from Hills Meadow to the White Campsite

Podpads Luxury Accommodation

Podpads offer a range of unique glamping options in delightfully pretty wooden houses with solid floors, walls and lockable doors or in spacious colourful canvas tents.  Choose from a full range of options to suit every budget, level of luxury and group size.

Campervan and Caravan Passes

Every occupant of the campervan must also be in the possession of a valid Weekend Ticket to the event.

The campervan ticket must be displayed inside your vehicle windscreen before you arrive on site, so that we are able to direct you to the right place.

No vehicles are permitted in the standard campsites and only towing vehicles for caravans are permitted in the campervan fields.

You will not be permitted to sleep in the standard car parks.

There are no electrical hook-ups for campervans anywhere on site.

Campervans cannot be parked with tents in the campsite. They will be located in one end of the campsite to comply with non-negotiable licence conditions.

If you are not clear if your vehicle constitutes a campervan, see our terms and conditions.

Campervan Size Restrictions

  • Due to space restrictions at Reading Festival, White Campervan passes must be booked in advance and are not available to purchase on the gate
  • White Campervan passes are only valid for campervans or caravans less than 7m in length
  • If your campervan or caravan is longer than 7m, you must contact our info team to discuss your requirements here before Friday 17 August 2018
  • If you do not contact us in advance and you arrive at the festival with a campervan or caravan which is longer than 7m you will be charged for an additional campervan pass at the price of £90 (payable in cash only) to secure an adjacent pitch to accommodate your vehicle(s). Subsequent adjacent pitches may be charged for as necessary, to accommodate the length of your caravan or campervan per additional 7m of length
  • Any measurements made on arrival  by our site teams are considered conclusive


For 2018 festival-goers will no longer be able to bring their own firewood into the campsites.

This does not mean we are banning campfires as we know how much you love them! You will still be able to purchase firewood from our onsite sellers and enjoy your campfires as usual.

Campfires lower than knee height, and less than one pace wide are permitted in the campsite. Any fires larger than this are not allowed.

There are no campfires or BBQs permitted after 20:00 on Sunday. No firewood will be on sale from 18:00 on Sunday.

Fires are not permitted in the arena at any time.

Unauthorised bonfires are not permitted anywhere at all at the festival.

Anyone seen creating or fuelling a bonfire will be evicted from the festival site on the spot.

Anyone found burning any unsuitable materials such as toxic materials, other people’s possessions or the fencing, trees or hedges onsite will be liable to eviction/prosecution.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Candles are dangerous; torches are far less of a fire risk in and around tents
  • Watch out for flying embers and sparks, as they could start a fire, even from some distance
  • Don’t burn plastic or any other toxic materials. Anyone burning toxic materials is liable for eviction
  • Never use petrol or paraffin to start or revive a fire
  • If you cook, always do it outside your tent, ensure that there is constant supervision and keep well away from any flammable materials​