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Get info on how to travel to the festival and tips on the easiest, most affordable options

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Big Green Coach

Big Green Coach are back as Official Travel Partner to Reading 2023 and this year, all services are carbon neutral.

Travelling by coach emits less carbon than travelling car.

Coach travel is between 4 to 6 times more environmentally friendly than taking a car to a festival. [moved to top from bottom]

Take the hassle out of planning your journey and get dropped inside the festival gates, no one gets you closer.

They are running WEEKEND and DAY RETURN services from more than 40 pick-up locations.

WEEKEND SERVICES – Choose to arrive Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and they’ll get you home on Monday morning (feeling super fresh).

DAY RETURNS – Just heading in for the day? Big Green Coach will drop you at the gates before music starts and won’t leave until the action is over. Party hard and sleep all the way home!

Forget hotels, trains, and shuttle buses. Leave the car at home and forget being designated driver.

DEPOSIT SCHEME – Skint? No worries. Cover the cost of your seat for £10 and pay the rest later.


Putting the GREEN in Big GREEN Coach. Getting the coach is the greenest way to travel simply because it takes so many cars off the road.

This year Big Green Coach will calculate the emissions of each journey and invest in sustainable projects, ensuring your trip is carbon neutral. PLUS they will continue to sponsor 5 sq ft of Amazon Rainforest for 10 years, for every customer that travels with them. That’s more than one million sq ft already protected!

By Train

Reading train station is a 15-20 minute walk from the festival site. There are many routes from throughout the country to the station, including from London Paddington.

The last trains leaving Reading train station are often incredibly busy and do not run late on Friday and Saturday night. Please leave extra time if you’re planning on using these services.

To check train times and service providers, please visit the National Rail website.

Please visit the Network Rail website here to check for planned engineering work prior to travelling.

When going home by train, make sure you leave at least an hour to get to your train from the festival site exit gate.

By Shuttle Bus


To help you on your way to or from Reading Festival, Reading Buses are running a shuttle bus service which picks up and drops-off at:

Festival Side:

Service 97/98 – Thames Side Promenade, Reading ///broke.pepper.cats

Reading Town:

Service 98 – Reading Station North, stop ND ///

Service 97 – Sainsburys Friar Street, Reading ///invite.object.shelf

Prices and the Reading Buses App:

Buy your bus tickets on the app to speed up your journey.

For those wanting an easy and hassle-free way of travelling to the festival from town, simply download the Reading Buses app. You can get both a single trip or weekend ticket and check the timetable for both routes. No need to worry about carrying any money, just activate, scan and go!

Single ticket – £1.50

Festival shuttles are just £1.50 each journey to make things nice and simple. Make it easy on yourself and buy in advance on the app.

Weekend bus ticket – £6.50

Exclusively available on the Reading Buses app. Unlimited travel on routes 97 and 98 all weekend!

No cash will be accepted. Customers can pay with their card either on one of the handhelds from a member of Reading buses staff selling tickets, or by tapping on-bus ticket machine.

Please see Reading Buses’ Festival website for further information:

By Boat


Shuttle boats will run from Green Gate to Green Car Park and from Green Car Park to Green Gate at the times below:

WED 23rd: 13:00 – 22:00

THURS 24th: 08:00 – Midnight

FRI 25th: 08:00 – 01:00 (Saturday)

SAT 26th: 08:00 – 01:00 (Sunday)

SUN 27th: 08:00 – 02:00 (Monday)

MON 28th: 08:00 – 14:00

There is a FREE boat service that will take you from Kings Meadow (Green Car Park) to Green Gate where you get onto the festival site. More details here. It’s operated by Thames Rivercruise.

Please don’t use other boats as they may be unsafe, unlicensed, dangerous and charge you ££££!

SWIMMING AND BRIDGE JUMPING – Our advice is don’t. Just don’t. Here’s why…

• rubbish in the river (broken glass, metal, shopping trollies (lots of shopping trollies) etc.

• strong currents – too strong for you to fight against.

• cold water – it always is in the Thames, even in summer – hypothermia and drowning can follow

• boats! Do you want to get pulled under or hit by a boat propeller ?

• locks or weirs – it would be plain daft to swim here wouldn’t it!!.

• depth of water? – dive or jump into shallow water and you can get paralysed from your spinal injuries

• never, ever, push someone in. Something terrible could happen to them which you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Green Car Park: Thames Lido – An urban retreat located in Reading – right next to green car park. You can book a 2 hour guest swimming slot, and cool off in a beautifully restored Edwardian lido in complete safety -no boats, no rats, no waterborne diseases, no submerged objects to hurt you – perfect!!

By Taxi

Taxis will be available from Reading train station. The main festival taxi pick up/drop off point will be on Tessa Road, near Red Gate and will cost approx. £5-6. Busy traffic/slow journeys will increase the price.

Taxis are not allowed access to drop off at the White Campsite (Mapledurham). If you want to get to the White Campsite without parking there you should access the site at Red or Green Gate and walk through the campsites to the bridge.

Queues for taxis leaving site are often quite long, particularly on Sunday night/Monday morning, so consider pre-booking a private hire to collect you from the designated pick up area at the far end of Tessa Road.

By Car

We strongly recommend people don’t drive to Reading Festival but take public transport. The train station is very close to the festival site and shuttle buses run back and forth for £1.

If you do drive, please follow the AA signage and directions on your car pass and not your Sat Nav. Our car parks are located on grass fields, some with metal trakway approach roads and some internal roads are on land that may not be suitable for certain car suspensions.

Car Sharing

If you are driving to the festival, sign up to to save money on a permit and park right at the front in the Priority Car Park for free. Looking for a lift? Find awesome people who’ll drive you to the festival. Travel green and save money.


We have two public car parks which open as per the times of the campsites. Follow the colour-coded AA signs to park.

Weekend Car Parks

  • White & Green Weekend Car Park passes are valid from Wednesday – Monday for Early Entry Pass + Weekend Ticket holders and from Thursday – Monday for Weekend Ticket Holders.
  • You must display an actual car park pass in your car – printed booking confirmations will not be accepted as a car park pass.
  • Click here to purchase car parking passes from the extras section.

Day Car Parks

  • Green Day Car Parks are open from 8am for Day Ticket holders with a ticket for that day.
  • Day Car Park Passes are available on the gate, subject to availability.
  • Day Car Park Passes often sell out in advance in which case there would be no passes available to buy on the gate and you would be directed to a public car park in Reading town which may cost more.
  • You must display an actual Car Park Pass in your car – printed booking confirmations will not be accepted as a car park pass – if you do not receive an actual pass from your ticket agent, you must contact them before leaving for the festival, otherwise you will be charged for a replacement pass on the gate.

White Car Park

The White Car Park is situated in Mapledurham, next to the White campsite.

White Car Park Passes are now on sale via our Tickets Page.

  • Any weekend vehicles coming north or west of Reading should go to the White Car Park.
  • All public campervans and caravans should follow signs for White Car Park.
  • Please note: There is no access to the festival for Day Ticket holders from the White Car Park, nor for those who need to visit the Guest or Access Check-In points. There is also strictly no drop-offs or pick-ups allowed at any time.

Directions to White Car Park

  1. FROM M4 EASTBOUND – Junction 11 or 12
  2. FROM M3 – Junction 6
  3. FROM M40 COMING FROM THE WEST – Junction 9

Green Car Park

Green Car Park is situated in Kings Meadow. This is a short, FREE shuttle boat journey away from Green or Red Gate into the campsites.

  • Any weekend vehicles coming from the East or South of Reading should go to the Green car park which is situated close to Napier Road, Reading.
  • All day ticket holders will go to Green car park
  • No access for drop-offs or pick up

Broad Street Mall Car Park

We are recommending Broad Street Mall car park for anyone without a festival parking ticket. This car park cannot be booked in advance. Details of costs and numbers of spaces will be shared nearer the time.

Drop off/pick up point

There are numerous drop off/pick up points for the festival:

  • Private hire taxis drop off/pick up on Cremyll Road, off Tessa Road
  • Hackney carriages/black cabs drop off/pick up on Tessa Road
  • Minibuses drop off/pick up point is at Kings Meadow car park
  • Parents/friends drop off/pick up is at Hills Meadow car park
  • From 6:00am -2:00pm on Monday 28th August, Hackney carriages/black cabs will also pick up from Thames Side Promenade (the road next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel).

Do not attempt to drop off or pick up anywhere near Richfield Avenue or the White or Green Car Parks.

Once you’ve arrived, follow the signs to our free shuttle boat service to the site.

Leaving the site

Our peak exit times are between 8:00am and 1:00pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th August. Please plan ahead and organise leaving arrangements before you arrive at the festival.

Please ensure you have a good exit planned, with a sober and well-rested driver by the time you are ready to leave.

Important parking information for Day ticket holders & guest/disabled access ticket holders – there is no access from the White Car Park to the Green Day Gate for Day Ticket holders or the guest/disabled access check in because both of these are situated on the other side of the river. You will not be able to access the festival site from the White Car Park unless you have a standard Weekend ticket (+ Early Entry Pass for access on Wednesday).

If you have a Day Ticket, you must either purchase a Green Day Car Park Pass for the corresponding day to your ticket or, once these are sold out, either travel to the festival using public transport or utilise one of the public car parks in Reading town detailed below.  You can only enter the festival site via the Green Day Gate.

If you have a Guest (Day or Weekend) or disabled access ticket, you will be provided with the relevant parking information for your ticket type closer to the festival, please do not purchase a White Car Park Pass or attempt to access the site via the White Car Park/Pedestrian entrance as you will be turned away.

By Air (to/from Heathrow)

Railair operate a direct Reading to London Heathrow bus service which uses Reading Train Station as a drop-off and pick-up point. This service is best when pre-booked, which can be done at the Railair website.

Please note this bus service does not stop at any other locations other than Reading and the London Heathrow terminals.

Private Coaches for Reading

If you plan to book a coach for you and your friends from a private operator to drop you off / pick you up at Reading Festival please email to book your time slots. The bus pick up and drop off is very busy so it’s important you let us know when you are coming. There is a £20 (+booking fee) payment associated.

Please note: This is NOT a service to book a private coach. Only email us if you have booked your own coach. We will then try our best to schedule your drop off/pick up at your preferred time.

Descriptions of vehicles:

(A) A Minibus: is a vehicle which holds up to 16 passengers (+ driver).
(B) A Coach: is a vehicle which holds from 17 passengers (+ driver) up to 49 passengers or more (+ driver)

If the (A) applies, you do not need to purchase any extra tickets. Your driver can pick you up and drop you off at Kings Meadow, RG1 8DF between 8:00am 23/08/2023 and 28/08/2023 17:00pm.