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Kaya from Blood Youth talks Reading Festival and golden retriever cafes

It’s about to get a whole lot heavier at Reading Festival. Grab your mates, open up the circle pit and get ready for Blood Youth‘s set on Saturday on The Lock Up Stage.

Frontman Kaya gives us his festival tips and talks to us about his golden retriever dreams.




We usually find out where our dressing room area is and just CHILL. Festivals can get pretty hectic and there are usually loads of people to talk to, so you gotta take some time to just hang out before you play.


A cat cafe, but instead of cats it’s just loads of golden retrievers.


I’m a clean freak. This is also one of the reasons why I was so rubbish when it came to camping at festivals, I couldn’t handle the getting muddy and not showering thing.


PIZZA. I could eat pizza all day every day.


Candy Paint by Post Malone.


My roommate (who is also our producer) recently bought a compression suit for the gym and I have this photo of him pretending to be Spider-man. I personally think they should replace Tom Holland with him.

Blood Youth Last Photo

It means SO much to all of us. This is the first festival I ever attended and it’s where I really fell in love with live music. I would go every single year with my friends and just have the best time.


This is a photo from R+L last year, It’s Jacoby Shaddix and myself after the set. I spent a lot of my teenage years listening to his band, so it was really cool chatting and hanging out with them.


It’s Not Living If Its Not With You – The 1975

Go Flex – Post Malone

Nerve – Blood Youth

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots

Heavenly – Pale Waves


Top five Directors. I’m a huge film nerd so I’m always wanting to talk about movies and my favourite directors.

Blood Youth play The Lock Up Stage on Saturday at this year’s Reading Festival. You know what the deal is by now – all tickets are now SOLD OUT but you can still hitch a lift up to Leeds.