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What is Twenty One Pilots best song? You had your say

It’s time to get Stressed Out over this important decision.

Last week you had your say and crowned Foo Fighters‘ ‘The Colour and the Shape’ as their best album. Period. Now you’ve got another big task on your hands, what the hell is Twenty One Pilots best song?

You’ve been waiting with bated breath and we can finally tell you that logically, using the power of democratic voting – ‘Car Radio’ is Twenty One Pilots best song, no questions asked.

They’ve got a hefty back catalogue of bangers and emotional bops, so this should be a tricky one. What else are you going to be doing with yourself between now and the festival? Nothing. So get on with it.

All you need to do is up-vote or down-vote their best song below, we’ll announce the winner right here on Tuesday, 16th April – then we can finally stop this argument.

Twenty One Pilots headline the Main Stage on Saturday at this year’s Reading Festival. Day Tickets are sold out, but you’ve still got time to nab remaining Weekend Tickets and experience the whole shebang.