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The Reading Festival 2018 FAQ

Heading to Reading Festival 2018 and have a question about your ticket or something else? Check out our list of frequently asked questions.


My ticket hasn’t arrived yet or I’ve ordered it from overseas, what do I do?

Don’t panic! Speak to the ticket vendor you ordered your tickets with who will be able to help out.

Tickets are in the process of being dispatched and can arrive anywhere from now to 5 working days before the festival. If you haven’t received them 5 working days before please contact the ticket agent you purchased from. If you purchased through our website it will be with Ticketmaster.

Reading Festival FAQ

I have received my ticket but not my early entry/parking/campervan pass. Will it arrive separately?

Quite possibly. Speak to the vendor you purchased your extras with, who will be able to check up on your order.

I have a Weekend Ticket. Do I have to arrive on Thursday?

A Weekend Ticket gives you access to the festival from Thursday 8am onwards, so you can come Friday, Saturday or even Sunday if you want.

I have early entry tickets, when can I come?

You can gain access to campsites on Wednesday 6pm 22nd August 2018 to grab the best spot and set up early.

Reading Festival FAQ Early

Someone else’s name is on my tickets, can I still use it?

Yes, you can. However, if you are collecting your ticket you must bring your ID and written confirmation from the person whose name is on the ticket. The confirmation letter must include the following information:

  • The cardholder’s name
  • Billing address
  • Cardholder’s phone number
  • Last 4 digits of the card number you paid with
  • Ticketmaster reference number
  • Seating details (where applicable)
  • Name & date of the event
  • Number of tickets booked
  • Name of the person collecting
  • Type of ID they’ll provide for themselves
  • Cardholder’s signature

Please be aware if buying from secondary ticket agents, click here for a full list of approved vendors.

I need to collect my tickets, where do I go?

Hang tight, your ticket provider will provide you with the information closer to the festival.

I’m coming from overseas, how do I get my tickets?

Overseas collection is from Hexagon Box Office. You should receive an email soon with details on how to collect.

Reading Festival FAQ Plane

Can Day Ticket holders gain access to campsites?

No, you must have a Weekend Ticket to camp.

What time does the first band start and last band finish?

Set times are now live on the website and app to ensure you don’t miss out on your favourites. The Main Arena will open from 5:00pm ​– 3:00am on Thursday and 10:00am – 4:00am Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Are there lockers available?

Yep, but only for small electronic devices and valuables.

How can I charge my phone on site?

Glad you asked that question. The lockers mentioned above have USB sockets for you to charge your phone, just don’t forget to bring your cable!

We’ve also partnered with Charge Candy, who have portable chargers for an on-the-go power up.

When do campsites close?

Midday on Monday – by that time you should be well on your way back to the comfort of your own abode.

Can I still get car parking passes?

We’re all out of car parking passes, but it’s not the end of the world. There are car parks close by in the town centre. We recommend using Q Park (enter READING2018 for 20% off) or NCP Garrard Street.

If you’re coming for the day on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday there’s still limited availability in the Green Car Park.

Are there bag restrictions this year?

Yes, we take the security and safety of our festival-goers very seriously – it is a real priority.

Please help us by bringing as little as possible and remember we do not allow bags larger than A4 into the arena. Please be patient while we carry out our security checks and searches, which take place at the campsite gates, the Arena entrance and may also happen at any time at any location onsite.

Reading Festival FAQ Safety

I’m not sure if I can bring something with me

Luckily for you, we’ve got a handy table for that. Familiarise yourself with what you can and can’t bring here.

New for 2018 we will only allow 500ml sealed water/soft drinks into the Arena – please bring a reusable bottle to use at the Water Points across the Arena.

Now all that’s out of the way, you better start packing for the best weekend of your summer. Don’t even lie and say it’s when you go on your budget break to Spain instead.