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Safeguarding at our festival – #LookOutForEachOther

We want you to make the most of your time at Reading Festival, and it’s important that everyone feels safe and joins together as a community.

We have a few initiatives that offer support and guidance at our festivals. We are proud to be partnering with some amazing organisations on some forward thinking campaigns.

We want our festival to be a place of love, happiness and togetherness. Please help us make the festival a nice place to be.


A campaign promoting safety around drugs and alcohol, consent and keeping an eye out for one another.

LOOK out

We want to create an environment where females feel safe.



We’re proud to support the Homeoffice’s campaign to stop violence and any form of harassment against women and girls.

Safe gigs for Women

Raising awareness for unwanted attention at Gigs using their ‘Bystander Method’.

Ask For Angela

This year we are supporting the Ask for Angela campaign which is operational at all our venues, bars and briefed to all staff members. We want to make sure help is ready and available to those who call upon it. We have seen this simple yet effective campaign prove successful at our festivals so far and want to continue this at Reading Festival.

Spiking Awareness

In partnership with our bar provider, we are ensuring all staff (including our security teams) are briefed on what to be aware of with regards to spiking. Please report any suspicious activity to security or bar staff.



Brooks will be offering judgment-free sexual health advice and contraception at our festival. They are active in the campsites.

Reading Street Pastors

Provide a friendly face and listening ear for festivalgoers operating within our Safeguarding teams in the campsites.


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army have volunteered at Reading Festival for decades, providing emotional and practical support for festival goers at their popular tea tent.


The volunteer team are expertly trained at listening and providing comfort to those in need.

TLC Welfare

If you are experiencing anxiety, struggling with any mental health concerns, or having a bad experience with drugs and alcohol then come and see our Welfare team who offer confidential support and a place to stay for however long you need. They are non-judgemental and can link in with other agencies on site and in the community to ensure you get the right help. The main aim is for you to be able to return to the festival to enjoy it and feel safe in doing so.

Festival Medical Services

Providing medical care and additional safeguarding team support.


Safe Hubs

The hubs are situated in each campsite to provide practical support for campers as well as being able to signpost festivalgoers to other key services. These are to be staffed by The Welfare Crew in 2022 who work on Safeguarding projects day to day and have expertise in drug and alcohol support.

The Welfare Crew

Staff the safe hubs with their trained staff and volunteers.

South Central Ambulance Service

Ready to quickly respond to any emergency if someone may need a little more help than is available on-site with us


Security checks are in place to keep you safe

If you spot something that doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and report it to security staff straight away.

Follow advice from @TerrorismPolice and #BeSafeBeSound

Enjoy the show!


Brighter Future for Children

New for 2022, we will be working with Brighter Futures who are already recognised by Reading’s younger people. Their vision is to unlock resources to help every child and young person to have a happy, healthy and successful life. Reading Festival was highlighted as a great platform for younger people to access this Mental Health and Wellbeing service. It’s important to note this idea was proposed by the younger people themselves.


If found breaching our terms and conditions, you may be required to leave site. Our team from WAVES will ensure there is a safe way to return home and loop in any parents/guardians where necessary.

Thames Valley Police

We will be working alongside police officers throughout the festival to ensure everyone attending can have a good time and stay safe. Officers are specially trained and are ready to respond to any incidents quickly. Please feel free to say hello and stop them for a chat if you see them out and about.


Info Tent

A friendly place to go if you are in need of any information during your time at the festival! The experienced info team can help with general queries, sign posting, what time your fave band is due on stage to everything else in between.


You can also reach out to the official festival team via social media before, during, and after the festival weekend with any queries you have.

Have fun & be safe. See you in August!