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New stuff you need in your life from Cavetown, Pink Sweat$, AJ Tracey and more

Welcome back to another Monday, another week and another New Stuff roundup. Well done, we’re so glad to have you here. Now chase away the first signs of winter with even more brand new content from your 2019 line up.

Pink Sweat$ & Crush drop ‘I Wanna Be Yours’

Pink Sweat$ couldn’t drop a bad song even if he tried, don’t fight us on this. This time it comes in the form of a legendary collab that none of us expected, but it works, and it works well.

We’re on our worst behaviour…

Don’t you love it when two idols make music together? Apparently this is the week of iconic collabs because Alma teamed up with Tove Lo to bring us their latest bop ‘Worst Behaviour.’ We are blessed.

AJ Tracey + Skepta = massive tune

AJ’s gone from having a song called ‘Skepta’ to having a song with him in a matter of years… what a huge move. It doesn’t hurt that ‘Kiss and Tell’ is also an absolute banger.

Cavetown gives us ‘Things That Make It Warm’

If you feel like you’re missing a song about two birds building a nest and being in love then do we have good news for you. Cavetown just released the cutest song about just that, brb crying.

Spooky vibes live on through PUP

If you’re still in that spooky post-halloween mood then you’ll love the video PUP just dropped for their song ‘See You at Your Funeral’.

New stuff… FROM US!?

ICYMI, this weekend we dropped the Reading 2019 highlights video and it’s a masterpiece. We’re allowed to say that because it’s ours and it’s true. Watch it now!!

If that’s got you as hyped as it has us for next year, then why not go ahead and grab your 2020 tickets today? Payment plans are now available as well!