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10 of AJ Tracey’s essential tracks

Get ready to Psych Out! When AJ Tracey hits the Main Stage on Saturday at this year’s Reading Festival. He’ll be bringing his signature flow and cheeky rhymes when he joins us this August bank holiday weekend.

If you’re not already a superfan of AJ’s, don’t panic. By our calculations, you’ve still got plenty of time to delve into his back catalogue before the big weekend comes. We’re counting down 10 of his essential tracks right here, isn’t that a coincidence?

Ladbroke Grove

Show us someone, anyone, who doesn’t feel the summer vibes when AJ raps over UK garage beats. There’s no denying that this track is absolute FIRE.


Editor: What effects do you want in the video?

AJ: Yes.


If you want hard-hitting but seductive lyrics, you’ve come to the right place. If AJ says they’re ‘chillin’ in Cuba’, you fly him to Havana for the video damn it.

Psych Out!

AJ switches up his vocals with this melodic banger, watch him hit up Atlanta’s infamous Magic City club in the video below.

Wifey Riddim 3

You know when Steel Banglez and AJ link up the track is going to be hard. Wifey Riddim 3 is high up there with our favourite track from his latest album.

Thiago Silva

Mash together AJ, Dave and football. What do you get? This masterpiece, duh.


AJ really just rides the flow in this one, this can be our campsite tune at 3am. No questions asked.

Nothing But Net

“I want a Lamb’ not a Range

If I get a Range ‘den I’m givin’ it to Nyge”

We’re always here if you want to drop us off a new motor.


This is an underrated banger, just switch is on and ride the wave.

Fashion Week

AJ’s hook on this one totally knocks it out of the park, if there’s one thing you’re going to learn before Reading – it should be this.

Now you’ve had the low-down on some of AJ’s greatest bops it’s time to make sure your tickets are snapped up in your bags. You’d kick yourself if you missed out.