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#LookOutForEachOther Key Information

Essential info ahead of this year’s festival

Look out

We want you to have the best #RandL21 weekend so before you head to us, take some time to read this guide. After the recent unprecedented times, it’s important that we unite together as a family, #LookOutForEachOther and celebrate in style as one this summer.

What do I need to pack?!

Before you start packing, make sure you read our list of what you can & can’t bring to #RandL21! ❤️ See here.

First time at RandL, or need a refresh?!

Check out our first timers guide here…

COVID 19 Entry Requirements

Just like many other festivals and events, Leeds festival will ask all ticket holders aged 11 and over to demonstrate their COVID-19 Status before entering the festival by providing either:

·       Proof of full vaccination – both doses received (with the second at least 14 days prior to the festival) or

·       Proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test taken prior to travel on the day of arrival at the festival or

·       Proof of natural immunity based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days of the festival (including 10 days self-isolation following the result).


Find out more on how you can prove the above here

For more information on the COVID Vaccination see here


Drug and Alcohol Safety

There is no safe level of drug use

The safest way is to not use at all

Remember to drink responsibly

Click here to read our full #LookOutForEachOther campaign on drug and alcohol safety.


Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer dogs will be operating in the area, please have your bag ready to be searched at the gates.


We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with sexual health charity Brook for #RandL21. Brook will be on site providing free condoms, as well as advice and guidance on sexual health and wellbeing. For over 55 years Brook has been empowering young people to take control of their sexual health and enjoy healthy relationships. They will now be bringing their expertise to #RandL, helping ensure that festival goers can enjoy themselves responsibly.


Each Campsite has a zone campsite office with a team who can help you with any problems or questions!

Get to know those who are camped around you. It makes for a nicer environment & means you’ll be familiar with who should be in your area. Who knows you might even make some new pals!


Don’t forget to stay hydrated! There are drinking water points throughout the arena which are free to use and shown on the maps. #RandL21



Only bags of A4 size or smaller will be allowed into the arena. This applies to all ticket holders. Your safety is our priority!


If you see anything suspicious around the festival, report it to your nearest Security staff. Security are on site to help you. Don’t be shy!

Counter Terrorism

Keep each other safe at #RandL21 and don’t hesitate to report anything suspicious to security. #BeSafeBeSound

Important safety advice from @TerrorismPolice. #BeSafeBeSound this festival season.

Be patient with security checks and staff

Report anything suspicious to security

Enjoy the festival

For more info:

Safe Gigs For Women

Look out each other. Reading and Leeds is a space for all from the Main Stage to the campsites. #consentrocks. @safegigs4women

Look out for each other. It’s not acceptable to grope, threaten or harass others. If this happens to you we can help, speak to your nearest security staff. #consentrocks @safegigsforwomen


Reusable water bottles –

Take your tent home with tent graphic

Recycling onsite and on the campsites

Cup return scheme

Watch out for ticket scams!

Weekend tickets for #RandL21 are sold out.

Please beware of scammers and only buy or sell tickets via trusted resellers.

Please note there are no Print At Home tickets, but we are aware people are trying to sell these.

Click here for more info on official resale outlets here

Need more info?

We’ve got it covered here


Still have questions?!

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