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#LookOutForEachOther at RandL21

Our campaign to keep everyone safe


Check out our #LookOutForEachOtherguidelines for keeping yourself and others safe at RandL21

1. There is no safe level of drug use

The safest way is to not use it at all

2. Know your limits
Your tolerance levels may have changed
Don’t make up for lost time

3. Get help if someone feels unsafe or unwell

Our staff are here to help, not judge

Welfare and medical services are open 24 hours

4. Don’t be a state – hydrate
Free water points throughout the site
Reuse your bottle

5. If your head is not in the right place…

Get out of the crowd

Tell someone how you feel

Welfare and medical services are open 24 hours

6. Alternate alcohol with water
Remember to pace yourself
Don’t risk missing your favourite band

7. Leave the mixing to the DJ

Don’t mix drugs and alcohol

Mixing substances is always risky

8. You can’t know what drugs contain from looking
If things don’t feel right tell someone
Be honest about what’s been taken – it could save a life

9. If you don’t feel great the morning after – take a break

Eat, sleep, rehydrate, check in with your mates.

10. This weekend, make your own choices
Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to
Real mates will respect your decision