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Happy Earth Day 2024.

On this day we think about actionable steps we all can take towards a greener planet and a more equitable future, there is ALWAYS something we can do for our planet!

green volunteers


Our Festival is powered with 100% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) which is made from used cooking oil and emits up to 90% less emissions than diesel.


green volunteers


  • No virgin single-use plastic is provided onsite, any plastic we do have is made from recycled content.
  • Water is provided by Liquid Death in cans to reduce single-use plastic and has a 10p deposit included for you to redeem at the return points in the arena.
  • Soft drinks are served in cans where possible and if not, all plastic bottles are made from recycled material and have a 10p deposit included for you to redeem at the return points in the arena.
  • All cups are paper and have a 10p deposit for you to redeem at the return points in the arena.
  • All food packaging and cutlery are 100% compostable.

Cup and Bottle Deposit Return Scheme

Every cup, can and bottle sold in the arena has a 10p deposit included in the price.

What you can do

Collect 5 and take them to our cup recycling stations. Minimum deposit return = 50p

green volunteers
Will you join our call for action? Read below to see how you can get involved…
green volunteers

So what can you do?

Before You Come
  • Use public transport to reduce your transport emissions.
    • Reading train station is a 15-20 minute walk from the festival site. There are many routes from throughout the country to the station, including from London Paddington.
    • Big Green Coach are back as the official travel partner to Reading 2024 and this year, all services are carbon neutral! Book here.
  • Car sharing is a fun, easy, cheap and sustainable way to travel! Looking for a lift? Sign up to Reading Liftshare to find your match and share the festival excitement.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it at the taps provided
  • Do not bring disposable vapes, they pollute the environment and contain electrical equipment that should be disposed of at specialist facilities.
  • Pack light – bring only what you intend to consume or take home with you afterwards
  • Buy a fit for purpose tent that will last – see our handy tent buying guide here
At the Festival
Come stay in the Eco Camp

The Eco Campsite is for like-minded people who want to make a difference: You live life with the planet in mind, and want to stay in a clean, green field for a festival you’ll remember.

To stay in the Eco Camp every guest has to sign up to the following principles:

  • All guests agree to respect their fellow campers: Be inclusive and curious, talk about what is important to you, and enjoy the festival together.
  • All guests agree to respect the environment by protecting biodiversity and avoiding littering: Separate your recyclable materials, use the toilets provided, and don’t cause excess waste.
  • All guests agree to leave the campsite exactly as they found it: Everyone here has joined the call, take your tent home, and show the way forward.


You must hold a valid weekend event ticket (Weekend or Weekend with Early-Entry) in addition to this ticket, more info on Eco Camp here

  • Use the recycling bins provided to separate your waste and keep the festival clean
  • You’ll be given 2 bin bags upon check in, one for recycling (green bag) and one for everything else (clear) to separate your waste. Take full bags to the recycling points – there is one in each campsite and marked on the site map. We want your
    • Empty Bottles
    • Empty Cans
    • Cardboard beer crates
  • There are separate bins provided at recycling points for food waste
  • Please bin your (extinguished) cigarette butts in the non-recycling bins
When it’s all over and its time to say our goodbyes
  • If you have non-perishable foods that you have not eaten and can’t take home, take them to the Campsite Manager’s Hut or to an AIR Hub
  • Take your empty vapes home to dispose of at a local recycling centre as Waste Electrical Equipment.
  • Take it don’t leave it – take your tent and anything you bring with you home
green volunteers

Get Involved

We’re looking for volunteers who are full of energy, passionate about the environment and enjoy engaging with people about green issues.

Our 2024 applications are now open! If you would like to apply to volunteer, or for further information, please email

For more info on our green actions – see our ‘Staying Green’ guide HERE, our Festival Charter HERE .

Help us save the planet, one festival at a time