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READING Tent Buying Guide 2023

The ultimate tent-buying guide is here!

Have you got a tent rusting in the attic, awaiting the next spot of British sunshine to be used? Maybe you plan on borrowing one from your friends? Before you make a panic buy this season, why not read our handy guide to buying the ultimate tent? Get ahead on one of the festival essentials this year.

Whether you are attending as part of a family, a group, or even as a singular punter, we are all responsible for our belongings. Think about it like dirty laundry on the floor. If everyone picked up after themselves, the job would be accomplished a lot quicker.

Invest in a tent which is worth your time and money/You are in charge of your experience!

Invest in a good tent

You wouldn’t buy wellies that get your feet damp, so why spend your hard-earned coins on a tent that gets your stuff damp.

By buying a double-lined tent, you are investing in a product which will not only last, but prevent you from waking up wet from your own breath.

Always look out for the HH rating. This tells you how much water the tent can handle before it starts to leak and you wake up soggy. You generally want to get one with a higher rating than HH1500, we’d recommend a HH3000 one to stay warm and dry.

Do some digging

Do Some Digging

Don’t buy a pop-up tent unless you can confidently put it away, even when you’re feeling rough!

Have a look at this handy guide to setting up and putting away a pop-up tent – don’t worry, if you’re struggling, you can ask a member of our green team for help!

Take it home!

Take it Home

A typical tent contains the equivalent of around 8,750 plastic straws or 250 plastic pint cups.

A tent left for general waste emits the same amount of CO2 as driving a petrol car for over 100miles.

For Reading 2023, our aim for is for no single tent to be behind after the end of the festival. Let’s Do it. No Tent Left Behind.