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Guess which #RandL19 artist is behind the pumpkin for a chance to win 2 x VIP upgrades

It’s time to get spooky and what better way is there than to guess the #RandL19 artist behind the pumpkin? Classic. As you can probably tell by now, we take our jobs and your enjoyment very seriously, which is why we’re offering 2 x VIP Upgrades for Reading or Leeds 2020 to one lucky person who manages to guess correctly.

If you think you’ve nailed that then @ us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we’ll choose a lucky winner.

Who’s striking this confident pumpkin pose?


If you know, you know


The most stunning pumpkin to ever exist


We love a talented fruit (yes pumpkins are fruit)


Dance for me pumpkin


Please view our Terms and Conditions and Prize Promotion Notice.

What’s spookier than all of the above? Missing out on #RandL20 obviously. Don’t worry though, you can buy your tickets below, our treat.