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5 Halloween outfits you can make for £1 and under

Fancy dress on a budget doesn’t have to be beige like Janet from the corner shop.

If there’s one thing you should know by now, it’s that we’ve got your back. Been invited to a Halloween party but don’t have the budget? These five outfits will have your bank account thanking us.

Loo Roll Mummy


No, not your mum who packs your lunches. The entombed scary kind. For this outfit, you’ll need a total of 1 item, toilet roll.

Method: Simply start from your feet and work your way up your body, wrapping yourself in the quilted delights. Don’t do this too vigorously or your bog-bandages will break off. Remember to leave room to see through your creation. Bonus points, you can always rip a bit off yourself if you find yourself caught short.

Cost of costume: £1 for 6 rolls


A zombie is a Halloween staple, who doesn’t want to look half dead and chic as hell?

Method: Get an outfit you don’t mind zombifying, we mean that you really don’t mind, what we’re about to tell you to do – you can’t come back from. Pick up your dress, jeans, tee or whatever you decide, run out into the garden and chuck it into a pile of mud. Smush it around until it’s unevenly covered and looks like crap. Perfect.

Take your soiled clothes back inside and stick on the kettle. Make a nice strong black brew in a large mug. Once slightly cooled, tip over your clothes in an uneven pattern.

Next, carefully take a knife and cut your clothes to your desired zombie effect. You can also use your hands to do this, remember they have to stay on your body, so don’t go too cray.

Add blood to your outfit. We recommend doing this the night of. To do this, go to your fridge (or cupboard) and get out the tomato ketchup. Splodge onto your body and clothes as desired.

For your make up, take a handful of flour and throw onto your face. You can pour this on your head if required, no need to sieve. This will give you that nice, ‘definitely dead’ look. Rough up your hair, top up your ketchup and you’re good to go!

Warning: Ketchup may get sticky and slightly smelly, but always good if you get chips on the way home and need some extra condiments.

Cost of costume: £0.06 teabag

£0.42 tomato ketchup

£0.52 flour

Bed Sheet Ghost


You’ve heard of Caspar the friendly ghost, well, this is the next best thing.

Method: Sneak into your grandparent’s house (or let’s be real, anyone who’s over 40) and enter their airing cupboard, on the top shelf you’ll find a hidden stash of bed sheets and duvet covers that they haven’t used in centuries. Take 1 single, white, flat bed sheet. Grab from the pile and run out of their house like a ninja, undiscovered in the dead of the night.

When home, take the sheet and lay flat on the table. Find a pencil and outline 2 circles in the middle of the sheet to use for eye holes. Make sure these line up with your actual eyeballs, otherwise they’re pretty useless really.

Carefully take some scissors and cut out the eye holes. Proceed to place the sheet on your head and spook all your mates.

Once finished, wash the sheet and return to its rightful place in the airing cupboard. No one will ever know.

Cost of costume: Sweet fa

Bin Bag Batman


Da, na, na, na, na, na, na, na BATMAN.

Method: Get a roll of bin bags, or trash bags if you’re being fancy and take the first one off the roll, then tie the handles together. This is your cape, be careful with it and set it to one side; you’ll need this when you’re flying through the night sky.

Pull another bin bag off the roll and turn upside down, here is where it gets complicated. Using your trusty scissors, cut off the corners – this is where your arms are going to go through, make sure there’s enough room for your muscles if you’ve been working out.

Next, cut off the handles to make a straight edge, nobody needs them dangling.

Get a piece of yellow paper and cut out a bat logo, tape this in the middle of the bag to display proudly on your chest.

Now it’s time to make your mask. Grab another bin bag and cut off a corner big enough to fit your head in safely. Cut eye holes and a large mouth hole, big enough for you to breathe – that’s an important factor. If you want to get really creative, cut out some triangles for ears and tape these on top of your mask.

Slip on your main body bin bag, pop the cape around your neck and carefully pop your mask on. You won’t have ever seen such a sassy budget Batman.

Cost of costume: £0.70 bin bags

Yellow card: £0.11 yellow paper



This outfit is a must for any Harry Potter fan.

Method: Wake up flawless, look in the mirror, check out your muggle self. You’re good to go.

Cost of costume: You can’t put a price on perfection.

Now you’ve saved all that money on your Halloween costume, it’s time to treat yourself.