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Your Ultimate Reading Festival Checklist

Get ready for Reading with our festival checklist

If you’re anything like us, 1st August was a great day. You flipped the calendar over to the new month, and your eye was immediately drawn to that fabled date… the one circled with all the stars.

Reading calendar

That one. With that in mind, we all need to start prepping. So here’s our list of the key things you need to bring to the festival.

Let’s start with the obvious. We know you’ve been staring at your ticket in sheer excitement from the moment it arrived, but whether you’ve stuck it to your fridge, pinned it on the wall, or made a Metallica shrine with your ticket atop, make sure it comes to the festival with you. Without it, you can’t get into the festival. Simple as that.

You’ve probably also got a load of confirmation emails, tickets and passes you’ve purchased that you’ll need to bring with you. Get them all together in a folder and write down any important codes you need on an extra piece of paper and keep it separate.

Don’t go all-out and bring loads of cash with you. There’s cash machines dotted about the site should you need any additional funds, so all is not lost if you run out on day two. Whatever you do bring, split up into different places when you’re in your tent AND when you’re out and about. Put an emergency tenner in your shoe if needs be (best not put it in your sock though…).

Even if it’s dry as a bone at the festival, good footwear can make or break your weekend. Flip-flops at the front of a gig of thousands can only equal sore toes and coming out with an odd number of shoes.

Along with a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting a bit scuffed, get a good pair of wellies, or upgrade to some walking boots. They’ll keep your feet dry, supported and protect your little digits from any dancing feet.

Before you come, take a good, long look at the line up. Identify who you want to see and who you need to see. Take some time out to check some bands you’ve not heard of too. There’s nothing better than coming out of the festival having found your new favourite band. All of our artist pages have the latest videos and Spotify links so you can spend hours finding new acts that you’ll soon love.

We all know what British weather is like, we talk about it enough. That’s why we recommend bringing enough clothes so you’re ready for anything. It’s especially true for the night. Whatever it’s been like in the day, those nights can get cold. Don’t end up in shorts at 3am so you’re not clattering your knees as you walk back to your tent.

While you may choose not to bring your shiny new phone to the festival, make sure you have a way you can get in touch with your friends. Bring a festival phone with you – a cheaper one that doesn’t hold all those valuable snaps of your life. Chuck in all your friend’s numbers in before you get to the festival.

There’s nothing worse than coming back from the festival with your face telling the story of how long you stayed out in the sun. Put on sun cream every few hours throughout the weekend – as high a factor as possible. Even if it’s cloudy, get it on your skin. Those sun rays are sneaky and can get you even when the sun is hiding.

A couple of absolute essentials will help out too: sunglasses and a hat. Not only will you look awesome, you’ll shield your face from potential burn.

There’s not much worse than getting to the festival and realising you’re a few pegs short of a tent. Probably the only thing more gut-wrenching is forgetting the poles as well and trying in vain to use a pile of sticks to hold up your house for the weekend.

Avoid the stress. Before you get here, roll out the tent, make sure everything is there and in working order and you know how to get it set up when you arrive. Have a run-through of getting it pitched up in your back garden, then you can spend a few hours sitting in it pretending you’re already at the festival.

There you have it, a few of the essentials you need at the festival. You’ll have your own, so get started on writing your list down now. We’ll start you off…

Ultimate Reading Checklist