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Wolf Alice share their video for ‘Space & Time’

Ellie can make three minutes of running around in a wedding dress look great.

Wolf Alice just dropped their brand new video for ‘Space & Time’ and it looks exhausting, but also visually stunning. Standard.

Taken from the band’s sophomore album, ‘Visions of a Life’ the track is huge foot stomper.

Ellie Roswell invented wedding dress cardio.

Speaking about the song in a recent interview she said, “The song’s about being faced with an obstacle of sorts. And I often think of my future self looking back at my present self. Like, ‘Ok, this is really bad right now, but hopefully one day I’ll be looking back and… you know, time would have healed at least a little bit. And I might even be laughing thinking about this.”

Wolf Alice headline the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Friday at this year’s Reading Festival.