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Watch Reading 2018 backstage VHS diaries with Wolf Alice, Peace, The Magic Gang and Dream Wife

Ever wondered what bands do before they go onstage at Reading? We have, A LOT.

So, rather than trying to sneak through their backstage cabin window and getting a wedgie from security, we gave Wolf Alice, Peace, The Magic Gang and Dream Wife an old school VHS camera to get all that juicy goss.

Hit ‘play’ on the VHS Diaries to find out just how big Wolf Alice go on pre-gig drinks, watch Dream Wife doing more stretches than Sporty Spice after five bags of Haribo and much more.

Wolf Alice Reading 2018

Our fave bit has to be this Peaky Blinders impression by Wolf Alice’s Theo. TOMMY!

After watching that we want to get messy with our mates and have a flat cap in our shopping basket.

You know what else you need in your basket? That’s right, tickets for Reading Festival 2019. Get them now at 2018 prices for a limited time only. You know it makes sense.