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The Internet reacts to… The 1975’s arena tour

The 1975 live is something you need to see with your own eyes.

Is it possible for a show to be TOO aesthetically pleasing because The 1975 really just changed the game. Heading out on their latest tour for ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ the band have been stunning crowds with their production.

We’ve scoured the Internet after reviving ourselves after their London shows to find the best reactions so you can see what you missed out on/what to expect from their Main Stage headline set at this year’s Reading Festival.

Find yourself a band who put in this much effort

Everything just works, almost too well.

How do we sign up for this religion?

Just bless us with more songs.

When ‘Robbers’ just fills you with love

This video gives us chills.

That rainbow background!

We don’t even need to say anything else about this one, just look at it.

Matty’s rollercoaster of emotions is the most relatable thing we’ve seen

It’s basically us from the start of ABIIOR to the end.

You look shit and you smell a bit

Honestly, just a lyric about us in the campsites on Monday morning.

Does Matty’s dancing remind you of anything?

When you find a bug in your tent and need to get it out…?

When you need a breather from their greatness

If you don’t go to a The 1975 gig and then spend the next few days rewatching live videos of them, you’re doing it wrong.

The 1975 are your Main Stage headliners on Friday at this year’s Reading Festival, we recommend getting your very own treadmill beforehand in preparation for the amount of dancing you’re going to have to do.

Don’t have your tickets yet? You better sort that out below. Weekend, Day Tickets and Instalment Plans are on sale now.