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Interview: SWMRS’ Cole Becker wants to get on stage for Panic’s ‘I Write Sins’

SWMRS are known for their progressive punk, but have you ever read an interview that asks the really important questions – like who’s most skilled at pitching a tent? We thought not.

We caught up with Cole to talk all things Reading and Leeds and talk about his Pete Wentz obsession. You can’t blame him, we’ve all got one.

You’re no stranger to Reading and Leeds after opening up the festival in 2016 – what are your favourite memories from the weekend?

My favorite memory would have to be our first time playing – we’d been booked as Emily’s Army, but decided the week of that we were going to look to the future – however poorly informed – and started referring to ourselves as SWMRS on that stage for the first time.

Do you notice much of a difference between UK and US festivals?

There are a lot more people drinking at festivals in the UK, so you end up having a much rowdier crowd. Kids at festivals in the UK seem to understand how to live in the moment a bit more.

SWMRS Interview Party

You’re working on your sophomore album now – what can you tell us about it?

It’s hard to describe music that you’ve spent so much time making. It’s definitely exciting. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

There’s a song in your set called ‘Lose It’, who on this year’s line up do you want to lose it to?

Haha what a question! The line up is really good. I am really excited to see Dream Wife, Creeper, The Regrettes, Petrol Girls, Lizzo, Starcrawler, Kendrick Lamar, Kate Nash, the list goes on…

You’re on the same label at The Front Bottoms and Panic! Who are also playing the festival this year, can we expect to see any collaborations at the festival? Are you going to try and catch their sets while you’re there?

Ah, I don’t know I would definitely like to! Do you guys have Brendon Urie’s number? I’d love to get on stage for ‘I Write Sins’.

If you could pick any song from any artists that sums up SWMRS’ journey as a band so far what would it be and why?

‘Blow The Whistle’ by Too Short, because hyphy music runs in our veins.

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever thrown on stage at one of your performances?

Seb’s dignity

How do you like to get pumped up before you take to the stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Nothin’ quite like a Full English Breakfast and reruns of the royal wedding to get ya pumped.

SWMRS Interview Full English

What’s one thing you always carry around with you at festivals and gigs?

Peanut butter.

If you had to pack a costume to take to Reading and Leeds, what would you take and why?

Definitely a Pete Wentz costume – I’d get so much cool shit! I wouldn’t need a laminate to go backstage!


SWMRS Interview Pete Wentz Kiss

Who out of the band could put up a tent the fastest?

I happen to have been in scouts for 6 years of my life. I definitely have a lot of advice to offer first time campers out on the outskirts of the festival.

SWMRS play the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Friday at this year’s Reading Festival.