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Get In Too Deep with Deryck from Sum 41

Sum 41 are ready to bring the bangers at this year’s Reading Festival, after all – they’re who invented All Killer, No Filler! We caught up with Deryck before they head to the festival this summer.

You’re no stranger to Reading and Leeds festivals – what are your favourite memories from there?

Well, the first time is always memorable. It was the first time I’d ever seen a crowd that size and I really had no idea what to do up there when I walked out on stage in front of that many people. But back then everything was such a party. We were always drinking and having a good time. And I remember having a great time on stage and after.

This year marks 15 years of ‘Does This Look Infected’, what’s your favourite song from that album to perform live?

That’s a tough question, but if I had to pick it would probably be ‘The Hell Song’ because that usually means the show is just starting.

You released two albums in very quick succession, did you write ‘Does This Look Infected’ while on the road? What was the process behind that album?

Yes, I usually write as much as I can on the road, which can be difficult. I never really write full songs on tour but I come up with a lot of riffs and small ideas that I turn into songs when I get home.

You’re currently in the middle of writing new material, what can you tell us about that?

It’s still early stages but It’s guitar driven and on the harder side. It sounds like the next step from the last few records we’ve put out.

Sum 41 Interview

Do you notice much of a difference between UK and US festivals?

There’s way more people that attend for starters, but as far as audiences go, the UK has notoriously passionate music fans. Which can be good for you, but also bad if they don’t like you. Which I’ve seen happen to some bands in the past.

You’ve toured previously with Papa Roach and Billy Talent who are also on this year’s line up, do you have any tour stories you can share with us? Will you be checking out their set at the festival?

We’ve known both of those bands since early days and have played lots of shows together over the years. They’re both great live and if I have the chance this year I’ll definitely check them out.

If you could pick any song from any artists that sums up Sum 41’s journey as a band so far what would it be and why?

‘Mama Said Knock You Out’. We’ve been around for years but it feels like we’re just getting started. Late bloomers I guess.

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever thrown on stage at one of your performances?

I was hit in the face with a full chicken burger once in Arizona.

Sum 41 Interview Chicken Burger

How do you like to get pumped up before you take to the stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I listen to a playlist of my favorite music, which is Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, things like that. I do a bit of singing and a bit of stretching and then it’s show time.

What’s one thing you always carry around with you at festivals and gigs?

Spare pair of shoes. It can sometimes get muddy and wet everywhere.

Who out of the band could put up a tent the fastest?

Probably Cone because he does that outdoors kinda sh*t. I prefer to be in the city, I wouldn’t be much help.

Sum 41 Interview Tent

‘Still Waiting’ to see Sum 41? They’re heading to Reading’s Main Stage on Saturday at this year’s festival.

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