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Seat of Luxury Passes are now on sale for Reading 2019

Get yourself a fancy festival loo with our Seat Of Luxury option.


Want the ultimate posh poo experience? Fed up of getting bogged down in the usual queue? We’ve got the perfect porcelain option for you.

By purchasing one of these limited Seat of Luxury tickets you’ll have exclusive access to the most high-tech loos ever seen at a festival, thanks to fresh water vacuum technology. And it doesn’t stop there – the facilities include hot running water, vanity mirrors, hair dryers and straighteners, and an attendant on hand to keep these lavatories spick and span.

The fully-staffed toilets ensure that your trip to the loo is as swift and clean as can be, so you can get back to the fun stuff – although you may want to hang around and pamper yourself a little longer…


While we cannot guarantee that the luxury loos will be queue-free at busy times, the limited number of tickets available will ensure you are sharing your commode with a privileged few, and your trip to use the facilities compromises nothing on service, hygiene and festival frills.

Simply order online and arrive onsite with your proof of purchase and some ID. Our friendly Seat of Luxury team will tick you off the list, and issue you a lovely SOL wristband, meaning you’ll be enjoying beautifully clean and fresh facilities all weekend long!

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