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What does your Reading Festival horoscope say about you?

We’ve stuck on our mystic hat and looked into our magic 8 ball to find out what the future holds.

So you’re ready to learn about what life is about to bring your way. Find your Reading Festival star sign below and get ready for a wholesome look at your past, present and future. You might notice there’s a running theme with a few of them, but we’re here for a reason, alright?



It’s been one of those crazy months – the kind when anything can happen! You love all the thrills life throws at you and you thrive in the Reading campsites. You’re one of those campers who will look after everyone around you, you make them come alive with your friendly nature. And you always have spare packets of crisps at the bottom of your bag in case of an emergency. It hasn’t been the best of weeks recently, but all of that is about to change. Venus is lining up with Mercury which means you should buy your tickets for Reading 2018. By doing this early, you’ll save yourself all the emotional struggles that life has thrown at you recently. Someone in the group has to be organised, and that someone is you.


Something special is headed your way. It might not arrive in the most attractive package – or any package at all – but it’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time. It has something to do with love, acceptance and contentment, and it’s something you may have had in your life before but you definitely want again. It’s tickets to Reading 2018. Your horoscope would never lie would it? Go on, buy them today either in full or with a handy Instalment Plan.


You’re not easy to surprise, and most people know it. You’ve heard it all, memorised a good chunk of it and read up on the rest. You’re that festival-goer who’s setlist obsessed and will do anything to see all the bands on your list of must-see acts. The good news is, soon you’re going to be surprised with what the future brings. You know what? You better purchase your R&L tickets.


You’ve had troubled sleep for a couple of days now, mostly because someone you care about is under fire and you can’t quite figure out how to help them handle it. Think back to your festival experience… did you go too hard, too quick? Don’t make the same mistake again in your daily life and force yourself to relax. You know what is relaxing? Paying for your R&L tickets in instalments, so you just have to sit back and enjoy what’s in store for you.


You are somewhat famous for your willingness to do whatever it takes when someone needs you. That’s happening right now, and it happened in the campsites. You’re the one who started the chant when everyone else was too slow in the mornings, the one that brought the crew’s spirits soaring after a hard day.


You’ve been kind of bored and restless lately, and might be thinking that a change of scenery would suit you. Stop telling yourself that you’re just trying to duck out from responsibilities – instead, you’re trying to find a way to make yourself feel as alive as you did in the Main Arena at Reading 2017. Remember those playlists you made to get you feeling pumped? Whack them on your speakers and turn them up loud, switch on your computer and get tickets for 2018 in your bag – it’s the next logical step to ensure happiness.


Sure, you’re impulsive – but that’s what makes you a walking, breathing legend amongst the festival fields. Right now you’re dealing with the ups and downs of finances and wondering if it’s time to try something a little different. Rein in your tendencies towards impulsive overspending and make your pockets happier. What’s that? The Reading Instalment Plan is available? Honestly, that’s just good timing more than anything else.