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What is Post Malone’s BEST song? You decide

Wow, this is going to be a tough choice, huh?

If you saw Post Malone‘s performance at last year’s Reading Festival, you’ll know he’s the absolute GOAT when it comes to bringing the party. Come rain or shine, you’re going to absolutely lose your mind when he headlines the Main Stage on Saturday.

The question now is – what is Post Malone‘s best song? We’re talking the song that makes you wanna grab a Sharpie and draw tattoos on your face instantly, the one that you always crank up in the car while you roll the windows down, which song is the song?

The vote is in. No longer will you be kept up at night wondering, because we’re here to tell you that after a VERY thorough and official vote you’ve chosen ‘Better Now’ as Posty’s best song. 10/10 choice, we agree.

Still haven’t got your tickets for this year’s festival? You’re going to Fall Apart if you’re the only one out of your mates who doesn’t have a ticket… sort yourself out below.