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Payment Plans for Reading Festival 2020 are now LIVE!

Listen, we know it’s early but you may as well just sort your tickets out now.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, Payment Plans are now LIVE! You won’t even feel a pinch when you add them to your basket, srsly.


So how do you take advantage of it? It’s pretty simple. Just select the ‘Weekend Payment Plan’ option on our Tickets page and follow the instructions. You’d even be able to figure it out on that Monday morning after Reading Fest.

We’ll break it down for you real quick.

If you purchase your tickets between November 1st 2019 and November 30 2019 you’ll pay:

  • The first payment of £ 51.25, plus any service charges and Extras purchased will be taken immediately
  • The second payment of £51.25 per ticket on 6th January 2020
  • The third payment of £51.25 per ticket on 3rd February 2020
  • The final payment of £51.25 per ticket, plus postage fee on 2nd March 2020

Maths isn’t our strongest subject, but even we know that’s a damn good deal.

Sort yourself out with tickets and forget about the stress of it all.