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12 memes that sum up what New Year’s is really like

If you don’t relate to at least 8 of these you’re a liar.

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and you know it can always go one of two ways. You’re either going to have a wild night that sees you into 2019 the right way, or you’re going to be let down by your mates, eating those never-ending Christmas leftovers and wishing you were slaying the dancefloor.

There’s no point sugarcoating it, these 12 memes are what NYE is REALLY like.

When you’ve got high expectations for your love life

May as well aim low and not be disappointed, right?

When you had such big plans and huge fails as friends

Sometimes all you need is a duvet and a nice hot chocolate, right…?


There’s always one Squidward in your crew

As soon as that hits 12:01 make sure you resume normal service, please.


New year, new you?

Right after you demolish one last pizza.


When Kevin’s chilli resembles your year to come

It can only get better after this, surely.


You might think there are bigger problems in the world than this…

But are there really?


When you have to go back to normal life again

And you can’t eat Jaffa cakes for breakfast without being judged, you know it’s time to set your countdown for Christmas 2019 again.

Visual representation of us on NYE

Hands up if you look like 7 am every August Bank Holiday Monday.

When it’s Boxing Day and you’re done with your families sh*t

There’s a time and a place for it and that is the weird time between Christmas and New Year – don’t even deny it.

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Did you expect anything else from us?

You’ve seen the line up so far, you know it’s going to be a good one.


Looking around at everyone’s Insta story highlights

And realising your only achievements were eating a pizza the length of a table and being able to find your tent when you were drunk.


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