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10 things you need to know about Brockhampton

Tackling race, sexuality, mental health and masculinity in their music, Brockhampton are definite ones to watch at this year’s Reading Festival.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the collective.

They’re a boyband

But not as you know it, they’re a gang of creatives; rappers, artists, designers, photographers and producers.

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They just signed with RCA

They even enlisted the help of Jaden Smith to tell everyone.

They know how to get the crowd PUMPED

If they can do this in Times Square, just wait until you see them at Reading Festival.

They allegedly met on a Kanye West fan forum

Now, they all live together in a house in LA.


They explore LGBTQ+ themes

Their songs, particularly Kevin Abstract’s versus, explore themes that are still rarely spoken about in hip-hop. On ‘JUNKY’ he talks about coming out and struggling to be accepted.

They don’t subscribe to being just one genre

Brockhampton’s albums are collaborative efforts and the size of the group allows them to make space for contrast. They describe themselves as pop, because hip-hop is popular right now but listening to their back catalogue you’ll hear influences from a whole host of genres.

They won a talent competition

Back in 2015, the Texan band won the VFILES LOUD! competition, earning themselves a singles deal and a directed music video for ‘Dirt’.

They take you behind the scenes with their vlogs

Travel with them from their shared house, all the way over America from the comfort of your sofa.

Their new album is due out this year

Just days after saying God told them to delay the release of one album, Brockhampton announced plans for another.

It’s scheduled for release this summer, just in time for Reading Festival.

You’d be a fool to miss them at this year’s Reading Festival

Nobody wants to be the odd one out. There’s one easy solution to this problem though.