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10 of Mura Masa’s essential tracks

Mura Masa is no stranger to Reading and Leeds, smashing his set back in 2017. This year, we welcome him back to deliver big beats and even bigger drops as he headlines the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Saturday.

Want to know more about him before he tears the tent up at this year’s Reading Festival? We count down his 10 essential tracks.

1. Love$ick

If the one dropped box of pizza doesn’t annoy you in the video, we can’t be friends.

2. Firefly

When the beat drops in ‘Firefly’ you won’t be able to stop yourself moving.

3. Complicated

Mura Masa describes himself as ‘beat slayer heartbreaker’ and that’s exactly what this song encompasses.

4. Move Me

Featuring vocals from Octavian, ‘Move Me’, they really nailed the visuals on this one.

5. What If I Go?

If you’ve only heard one Mura Masa song, it’s probably thing one. Why? Because it absolutely SLAPS.

6. Doorman


Mura Masa and Slowthai: Let’s release a 10/10 banger.

7. 1 Night

‘1 Night’ is an absolute tropical bop, featuring the instantly recognisable vocals from Charli XCX. The nostalgic vibes on this track are undeniable and will leave you feeling ready to party.

8. Nuggets

If this isn’t your new tune to sing at 3am when you get a naughty forty, you’re not living life right.

9. All Around The World

Fun fact for you, the long shot video for ‘All Around The World’ was shot in ONE TAKE. I’m sure we could recreate it in the campsites this year – who wants to be in the cheer squad?

10. Second 2 None

If you listen to this song on repeat 10 times, your skin will clear, the crops will flourish, you’ll get 20.20 vision and a full bank account.

Mura Masa headlines the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Saturday at this year’s Reading Festival. If you want to be there, you know what you’ve got to do.