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5 reasons you need to see Kendrick Lamar live

If his recent UK shows are anything to go by, Reading is going to turn into ‘m.A.A.d city’. Yeah, we went there.

If you weren’t already pumped for seeing Kendrick at this year’s festival, we’re about to step it up a whole new level.

He keeps it at 100

Kendrick’s pace is so frantic and exhilarating, you’re almost waiting for him to take a break. There’s no need. It’s almost as if he’s hiding extra oxygen under his layers, is this man even human? We’re not sure.


He doesn’t need any guests

Unlike many rappers, Kendrick doesn’t need to bring out guests on guests on guests. The sheer back catalogue of pure bangers he has to call on outweigh anything else.

不止是有点浪漫 #kendricklamar #damntour

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His setlist

That moment when he switches from ‘Swimming Pool (Drank)’ straight into ‘Backseat Freestyle’ and then ‘Loyalty’. Somebody hold us, it’s all too much.

Kung-Fu Kenny comes out to play

Kung-Fu Kenny doesn’t take any prisoners in his blistering set, springing from his trademark ‘ready to pounce’ squat position on a stage lit like a dojo and tearing through ‘DNA’.

All the 5* reviews

If you hadn’t seen it plastered all over social media, 1. What the hell have you been doing? And 2. Don’t worry, you can catch up with all the FOMO feels from the millions of five star reviews.

***** Riding a cultural wave with charisma and poise, the Compton rapper delivers – The Guardian

***** Kung Fu Kenny proves he is hip-hop’s sensei – The Independent

***** Stunning, serious business from the greatest rapper in the world – Evening Standard

Kendrick Lamar headlines Reading Festival on Saturday. Full Weekend, Day and Instalment Plan tickets are available now.