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2021 September Instalment Plans now available

Has this hot weather got you thinking about Reading 2021?!

It’s certainly got us dreaming of dancing in a field.

But if you’re feeling the pinch on your pocket at the moment, why not break down the cost of your weekend ticket for next year’s festival with the instalment plan.

Party time

If you purchase weekend tickets between now and 30th September you’ll be able to break the cost down into 4 bitesize chunks.

First Instalment – 

Date: Immediately

Cost: £53.75 + £17.20 booking fee + £5 payment plan handling fee.

Second Instalment –

Date: 2nd November 2020

Cost: £53.75

Third Instalment – 

Date: 1st December 2020

Cost: £53.75

Fourth Instalment – 

Date: 1st February 2021***

Cost: £53.75 + £6.50 postage fee for UK and Ireland (£0.00 collection for Rest of the World)

*** If not paid in full by 1st April the payment plan will be cancelled and all money refunded except for the £5.00 handling fee.