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Interview: Hinds talk drinking sangria on the moon and festival tips

Spanish four-piece Hinds have been releasing infectious tunes and travelling the world since they formed in 2011.

This year sees their return to Reading and Leeds Festival – we caught up with Carlotta to talk inspirations, festival fashion tips and gazpacho stands.

You’re heading back to Reading and Leeds after performing in 2016, what’s your favourite memory from the festivals?

Both shows were amazing, it was a really young crowd and they got wild af! I think my favorite memory is from the DJ set we did after playing, we stood and danced behind the DJ table and all our fans where there too.

Your sophomore album, ‘I Don’t Run’ was released in April, can you tell us a bit about the process behind it?

‘I Don’t Run’ is much more a compact record than our first one. We could finally focus all we had on that one art piece, from the writing, recording, art, titles etc. We were finally not on the road for a little bit, so it was really exciting to show everything we had learnt and lived after 2 years touring the world non-stop. I feel like if we had a self title album, this one would be it.

Hinds Interview

‘The Club’ is the perfect summer song! Where did you draw your inspirations from for it?

From bands, live shows, movies, books, personal experiences etc.. we are like sponges with everything that’s around us and as we are best friends, it’s easy to turn these chats into lyrics.

If you could pick any song that sums up Hinds’ journey so far what would it be and why?

‘Down on the Corner’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

You each have your own individual fashion styles that we love – what do you think the next festival fashion trend should be?

Haha thanks! Maybe eco-friendly glitter and recycled wellies? Haha, I don’t think we are good at following trends but thinking about the planet when we do fashion would be awesome.

Glitter Hinds Interview gif

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever thrown on stage at one of your performances?

In Tokyo a girl threw these silver and pink tiaras with fake diamonds and Hinds written on them haha, I still have one in my room!

What advice would you give to someone attending a festival for the first time?


How do you like to get pumped up before you take to the stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

We always travel with a speaker and we dance as if it was a competition. It’s a way of everyone getting in the same beat, stretching and cheering us up at the same time!

Dance Hinds Interview

If you had to pack a fancy dress outfit, what would you take?

I really wanna find a suit that has a crazy print. I love wearing loud pants and simple tees too.

What’s one thing you always carry around with you at festivals and gigs?

Permanent markers. We always hand-write the set-list before the show and we always meet fans after, so we need pens in our pockets.

If you had a food stall at Reading and Leeds what would you call it?

GAZPACHO STAND! I loooove cooking, omg I would be so good at thissssss! Amber is amazing at making pies too, so we could cover it all!

Gazpacho Hinds Interview

Where would you like to see Hinds this time next year?


Well, we can’t argue with that answer. Hinds play the Festival Republic Stage on Sunday at this year’s Reading Festival.