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Premiere: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s Young Adult, the mixtape

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly return with a brand new mixtape, and a new stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival.

We sat down with Sam Duckworth ahead of Get Cape’s first ever performance on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival.

Find out what you can expect from their set this year and turn up ‘Young Adult, the mixtape’ to eleven; featuring brand new Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly remixes of Lucy Rose and Frank Turner, as well as the first appearance of a brand new song, ‘Try’ – you’re not going to want to miss this.

What’s your favourite memory from performing at Reading and Leeds Festival previously?

My first memory of Reading & Leeds is the sweaty walk from the station, like an alternative Duke of Edinburgh. I’ve been coming to this festival since I was 16-years-old. My favourite memory is when we played the Main Stage in 2008, it was a dream come true, especially being on the same day as Rage Against the Machine. I remember in that first year, dreaming of playing the festival, so to be there on that stage was surreal. I remember at the time thinking, try and remember this, but everything flew by at 100 mph. I remember looking over at James our tour manager and him mouthing something like, “yes Sam this is actually happening, pay attention.” My family were out front flying the flag, a literal flag, they had made for the occasion. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to do that and will never forget it.

Have your previous projects influenced Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s sound in 2018?

Recreations, was a lot more synthy/programmed than any of the Get Cape records. I enjoyed making and touring that album, it felt a bit “Get Cape” in the acoustic guitar sense, but was much more electronic in the synth and the beats and certainly that style of writing has influenced where things are headed. The new live set up has a keyboard player and a synth player. This was very much influenced by the Recreations project, as that really taught me the difference between the two sounds, previously to this I assumed that all keyboards played the same and now I understand their differences. I’m very keen to make sure that nothing runs from track and all is played live, so it absolutely requires 2 keyboard rigs! The new live show is a hybrid of the more traditional Get Cape. sound, the sound of the new record, Young Adult and a bigger, more uplifting live dance music sound.

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

You’re playing the Dance Stage this year, what can we expect from your performance?

We’re a big live band. 10 members to be precise. Drums, Bass, Horn Section, Violin, Keys, Flute and Guitar. It allows for a really uplifting sound but also for a more orchestral sound. It’s allowed the more DnB influenced songs to be much closer to a live drum and bass show and the rockier songs to be much heavier. It’s fun to turn the volume up on the influences. Set wise, it’s a good balance of old and new, taking in the last 14 years. More than anything else, its uplifting and very fun.

Tell us about the mix you’ve created

I’ve always loved the Dance Tent and its a real honour to be playing in it. Reading is one of the first places that I got to see a lot of my favourite electronic artists and is always a place for hearing what’s on the cutting edge in club land.

I came to Reading for the concrete jungle and ended up as a fan of house. Jungle and Garage are my first loves, but when I think of Reading I think of electro-house and live dance music. LCD Soundsystem and !!! in 04 and 2 Many DJs/ Nightversions in 06 spring to mind especially.

This mix tape is a combo of some of my absolute favourite dance tracks and a few new bits. There’s a new Frank Turner remix (it wouldn’t be the same without “Mr Reading.”) A new remix of ‘Soak it Up’ by Lucy Rose, which I have done for her new Remix LP, which has some incredible remixes on. A Get Cape… remix and the tape closes with a brand new Get Cape… song, so people know what to expect in August!

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly play the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage on Sunday at this year’s Reading Festival.