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10 things you won’t need at Reading but will bring anyway

With only three weeks until this year’s festival you should be starting to think about what you’re going to be bringing with you.

We all know you’re going to over pack and bring things you most definitely think you’ll need, but in actual fact you definitely don’t. Save some space in your bag and your back muscles by ditching some of these items you won’t need at this year’s Reading Festival.

5 extra outfits

Listen, we all know your intentions are good and you think you’re going to need those extra pairs of jeans and skirt just in case – but we all know you’re going to live in the same jean shorts and different tees for the entire weekend. It’s just the way it is, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Festival Essentials Packing

Cooking utensils

Unless you’re packing one of life’s greatest inventions, the spork, step away from the utensils. You might think you’re going to rustle up something delicious with some kind of jus that you can drizzle onto your plastic plates, but have a long hard think about it. Unless it’s a pot noodle, it ain’t gonna happen.

Festival Essentials Spork


Again, your intentions are good but have you ever tried drying a towel in a tent? It’s a no go. And are you really going to shower? We mean… really?

Acoustic guitar

You’ve been learning all four chords to ‘Wonderwall’ all month, but you’ll be doing the entire campsite a favour if you leave it at home. No one wants to be next to that one person who thinks they’re strumming tunefully at 4am.

Festival Essentials Acoustic Guitar

Cocktail shaker

You might like it shaken and not stirred in your campsite bar, but think of the space you could save if you just stepped away from the shaker. We all like to be civilised with a nice cocktail or 2 in the sun, but this is a festival. Where is your warm cider?

Festival Essentials Cocktail Shaker

Pro tip: Want to avoid those warm beverages? Pre-order some Carlsberg cold cans to pick up at the festival site here.

What looks like a lifetime supply of tent pegs

The funny thing about a tent peg is, if it’s used correctly you don’t need to have a whole army of them pegging down your home from home. Worried your tent will blow away? Just think about how heavy everything is on your back – chances are, it’s not going to.

Fairy lights

We know the thought process behind this one, fairy lights will make your tent look so pretty and homely, when in reality you’re going to be at the silent disco all night and using your torch to find the zip to your tent so you can fall back inside exhausted.

Festival Essentials Brendon

Your best make up

Your coveted make up collection might follow you on your nights out in town, but you probably won’t use half of it when you’re at the festival. As long as you’ve got enough glitter to reapply over some that’s still crusted on from the night before, what else do you need?

Festival Essentials Glitter

Campsite flag

It will seem like a great idea until you take a longer look at your surroundings and realise that at least eight people around you have the same one that you purchased for £1.


Er, hello? Do you lie to your parents with that mouth? You’re going to use multiple cans of dry shampoo to tame the beast that’s your nest.

Festival Essentials Dry Shampoo

Looking for more hints and tips for this year’s festival? Make sure you familiarise yourself with these handy festival hacks and if you haven’t already, snap up your tickets now.