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It’s everything you wanted! Billie Eilish drops her brand new single

We’d been sitting, waiting and wishing for a new Billie Eilish track since she absolutely smashed her set at Reading Festival 2019. Well, Christmas just came early because she’s blessed our earholes with ‘everything i wanted’, and if you were wondering, it is everything we ever wanted… and more.

Listen to her brand new track, written with her brother FINNEAS below.

Speaking about the song to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, Billie explained it was written after a vivid dream she had.

Now we know why it’s so emotional. It’s not just us who are loving it either, we took some of your funniest reactions from the Internet, take a look at some of them below and see if you relate.

When you do that moody Lisa Simpson thing before bed

Can someone tell us why there’s a Spongebob clip to represent everything?

Billie just hits our depression music on another level

If you don’t sob, are you even real?

This is what you see if you put the music industry under a microscope

Right, after all that we’re going to eat our feelings. We recommend you do the same and heck, why not buy a ticket for Reading 2020 while you’re at it? It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.