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Interview: We delve into the deep, dark, corners of Rou Reynold’s mind

2019 is a huge year for Enter Shikari at Reading Festival. Not content with playing the mighty Main Stage, they’re also going to be headlining The Pit on the very same day – this is going to be intense.

We caught up with Rou to delve into the deep, dark corners of his mind and ask all the important questions you needed answers to. For real.


Try to hide my schoolboy excitement and remain the epitome of cool.




This was taken on the shores of Norfolk. It’s me protecting our borders, keeping us all safe, no need for Brexit now lads I’ve got us covered yeah, stand down.


The souls of all the punters.


Trolley jousting late one night in the red campsite in 2005.


‘Peach Scone’ by Hobo Johnson.


Gordon Ramsey, just to listen to his relentless raging disgust at all the food stalls.

Gregor Clegane from Game Of Thrones, so if any dutty wee muddy bastards come near me and my new creps he’ll rip ‘em in two.

Beethoven, just to see the look on his face at how downhill music has gone lolz.


A quote from Kurt Vonnegut.

“You cannot be a good writer of serious fiction if you are not depressed”


When all is said and done, what will you do?


‘Live Outside’, for obvious reasons. I love playing live whilst being able to see the sky, it gives the experience an extra raw, primal edge.


Other people’s talent.


Well, we’re actually playing each festival twice – once on the Main Stage and once in The Pit a few hours later, so it’s going to be a bloody intense weekend.

Enter Shikari bring the noise on Sunday at this year’s Reading Festival.