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Blood Youth: I remember dreaming and wishing that one day I would be on the other side of the barrier

Blood Youth bring their melodic hardcore to this year’s Reading Festival. We caught up with lead singer, Kaya, to find out his favourite festival memories and what they’ve got up their sleeves for their performance.

This is your first time performing at Reading and Leeds, what can fans expect from your performance?

I think it’s going to be a very hectic show! Blood Youth shows are very passionate and intense. Our fanbase always takes it up a notch at festivals so we’re expecting a really lively one.

What does playing this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival mean to you?

It means the world, it really does. Personally, I used to go to Leeds Fest every year when I was a teenager, I remember dreaming and wishing that one day I would be on the other side of the barrier. We have all been waiting for this for a very long time, it’s going to be very special.

Blood Youth Interview

The video for ‘Parasite’ shows how sick your live shows are – what tips would can you give us to have the perfect crowd surf?

Just go for it! Being at the front I see many different types of crowd surfing techniques, the best ones are those that just jump and dive in without hesitation. I often see people front flip off the stage and I’m so impressed by it, I often forget to carry on singing.

Blood Youth Interview Crowdsurf

You’ve treated fans to a documentary, ‘From The Ground Up’. What made you decide to document your time on the road?

I used to love it when bands put out documentaries about being on tour etc. We love the documentary While She Sleeps put out a few years ago, ’20 days of Sleeps’ and bands like Every Time I Die have so much footage from the road. So we’ve been wanting to give it a go ourselves! The Prophets of Rage shows seemed like the perfect time to try it out, I’m sure we’ll do it again!

You recently tweeted that album 2 is done! What can you tell us about it? How was the writing process and when can we expect to hear some more tracks?

I can’t say too much! But what I can say is that it’s very dark and intense. I was going through a lot of stuff during the writing process. My mental and physical health really deteriorated, it put me in a really bad place and you can really hear this on the album. We will have more news for everyone soon.

If you could go on tour with any other band on this year’s Reading and Leeds line up, who would it be and why?

Kendrick Lamar X Blood Youth. That’s a tour that needs to happen, right?

In all seriousness, he’s one of the best artists around at the moment, I would love to talk to him about songwriting and lyrics.

If you had to pick any song by any artist that sums up Blood Youth’s journey as a band so far, what would it be and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one! I would say (Chris will be very happy with this) ‘The Heretic Anthem’ by Slipknot. We are and have always been a no bullshit band. Nothing is faked and everything is 100% genuine. We’re proud of the fact that we have always done our own thing, on our own terms without jumping on any bandwagons. Gotta stay true to who you are and what you love!

Which emo anthem from our 2018 line up did you listen to the most growing up?

It’s gotta be Fall Out Boy or Panic!, both bands were a huge part of my teenage years! ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ is an untouchable album. So if I had to pick one song it would be ‘Lying is the Most Fun…’

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever thrown on stage at one of your performances?

There have been a few weird ones, the most recent one was a tooth. Somebody got it knocked out and they threw it on stage for some reason… Look after your teeth at shows!

Blood Youth Interview Tooth

If you had a food stall at Reading and Leeds what would you call it?


Leeds plays host to the Piccadilly Party late into the night in the campsite. Who on the line up would you like to party with?

Post Malone for sure, I bet he throws the sickest parties. Also, he’s a big fan of heavy music, so I’m sure he would appreciate a Blood Youth show.

Would you rather… be a welly for the entire festival weekend or a tent?

Probably a welly. Because even though you’re getting covered in mud, you still get to watch the bands. If you’re a tent you’re just stationary and stuck in the campsite!

Would you rather stink and be clean for the whole festival weekend or be dirty but smell fresh?

Dirty but smell fresh! I can’t be stinking all day.

Would you rather be stuck in a never ending circle pit or always get picked up and crowd surf to the back of the audience?

Well, a never ending circle pit sounds like it would go on forever until the end of time and that doesn’t sound too fun. So I’m gonna go for the crowd surfing. Crowd surfing is a lot of fun, plus half the fun of getting taken to the back was finally making your way into the pit again.

Blood Youth bring the riffs to Reading on Saturday on The Pit Stage.