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Beartooth: It’s just mind-blowing to play Reading and Leeds

Find out what Beartooth’s guitarist, Kamron Bradbury loves about Reading Festival and his time on the road with Don Broco.

You’re no stranger to Reading and Leeds, what memories can you share with us about performing previously?

Yeah, we played The Pit Stage previously, Red Bull actually came out and took a video of us and I still watch the video to this day – it was such a crazy show. It was one of our first festivals that we played in the UK besides Download and it was mind-blowing. We were on stage and people were going crazy and actually giving a sh*t. It’s just mind-blowing to play Reading and Leeds.

“It’s just mind-blowing to play Reading and Leeds.”

New music from Beartooth is on the horizon, what can you tell us about the tracks?

It’s going to be a Beartooth record, I’m actually at the studio right now. We’re working out the final touches on some songs and we’re going to go into Blackbird Studios in Nashville and actually record the entire record, starting on Saturday. No, dates or news other than that that I can tell ya.

You’ve toured with Don Broco and Underoath who are both playing. What can you tell us about your time with them?

All of them are great dudes, we hung out all the time. I actually just finished another tour with Don Broco, I went out and guitar teched for my friend in Our Last Night, they toured with them in the States, so I was with them for almost a month last month. They’re always just like happy people, ready to hang and party, of course.

Party Gif

We did the Kerrang! Tour with them, I remember Rob specifically being on our bus and we were drinking some beers and his tour manager came on and he was like, “Rob, it’s bus call, we gotta go” and he was like, “No! I’m hanging out with my friends.” It was like taking a little kid and having him come home from his friends house as a parent, it was hilarious.

We spoke to Rob last week and he said he loved partying with you.

We love those guys, they’re awesome!

You’re known for your live shows, what’s one thing you’d love to do at a show but you haven’t managed to yet?

You know the video of the guy who was standing on top of the crowd and somebody chucked a beer from the back of the crowd and he caught it? There was still some beer left in it, so he chugged it and then tossed it. It was the most rockstar, bad ass move I think I’ve ever seen. I thought that was really cool and it’s something that’s on my list to do at a show.

Beer Catch

What are some of the best things about playing festivals? Are UK crowds different?

I think UK crowds are definitely a lot more energetic, they’re just there to listen to music and they don’t care what band’s playing if they know them or not, they’re going to have a good time. Just the vibe at festivals is completely different to club shows because sometimes you’re playing in front of people who have no idea who your band is. So it’s also a great growing experience playing these big festivals. I think we’re on Kendrick and Panic! at the Disco day, so I’m very excited to see Panic! I’m a pretty big fan boy of that band. They’re fantastic live.

You tweeted out your dinner of champions which looked like a crisp sandwich. If you were camping at this year’s festival what meals would you prepare?

I’ve never been a good cook, I’d probably just go like… the dinner of champions was a baloney sandwich and some potato chips so I just live off of that because I can’t cook for myself. I’m like a toddler.

Last night in the Air BnB Caleb actually made dinner, he’s a great cook, I was like the housewife cleaning up all the dishes, kinda did my job.

If you could pick any song from any artist that sums up Beartooth’s story as a band so far, what would it be and why?

Umm, it’s actually one of my favourite songs of all time, it’s called ‘Travelin’ Band’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival, it’s just about being in a band on the road and playing rock shows and that’s what we love doing and what we’re here for. We don’t really care about anything else but getting up there and giving our all and putting on a fantastic show for our fans.

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever thrown on stage at one of your performances?

Oh man, I’m trying to think. I don’t know if we’ve gotten anything that weird. I find weird things but… there are these people in Florida that always come to our shows and they wear a full bear outfit. They’re just three totally white bears and at some part of the set they usually throw the bear head onto the stage and one of us picks it up and plays a song with it or something. I guess it’s not that weird, but that’s one of the coolest thing!

Guitar Bear

If you had to take a costume to the festival, what would it be and why?

I’d just dress in straight vacation mode. Swim trunks, floral shirt and a nice bucket hat, maybe some pool floaties – I just love being on vacation.

How do you like to get pumped up before you take to the stage? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Nothing too strange for me. I just drink some water, warm up on guitar, we’re always just joking in the green room beforehand and then we usually do a hands in chant and maybe like do a shot before we go on. That’s about it, we sometimes come up with something weird to say right before we go on, it’s like spur of the moment whatever we’re thinking but nothing too crazy. I stretch out so I don’t hurt myself and that’s about it.

What advice would you give to someone who’s in a band and wants to take it to the next level?

I would just say make sure you’re in a band with people you really enjoy because you’re going to spend a lot of time with these people. You can’t get sick of them too fast or be in a band with somebody you hate, that’s going to make you want to quit. I would just say make sure you’re doing the music you enjoy, playing the music you enjoy, with the people you enjoy and then everything would kinda fall into place after that.

What’s one thing you always carry around with you at festivals?

I don’t really carry anything around with my honestly, I usually have my wallet, my phone and that’s about it. Maybe a backpack with some extra clothes if it rains or something, a poncho!

Who out of the band do you think could put up a tent the fastest?

I’m going to say Caleb because he actually goes camping, he’s been camping in the last year and I don’t think I’ve been camping since I was like 5. I don’t like camping, I don’t like tents so I’m going to go with Caleb!

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