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Ready to do it all again? 2019 Weekend tickets are on sale now

Had the best weekend of your life at Reading 2018? It’s understandable, that’s what we do after all.

Reading Festival 2019 will take place on Thursday, 22nd – Sunday, 25th August 2019.

Write down the dates, circle it in your diary, get it tattooed on you if you have to. We’re going to do it all again on August bank holiday weekend next year. Before we get down to the details and digits, just look at some of the fun you had this year.

Reading Festival 2019 tickets
Reading Festival 2019 tickets 2

Why are they in a paddling pool? No one knows, it doesn’t even matter.

Sort yourself out with Tier 1 tickets for next year’s festival and pay the same price as 2018. Tier 2 prices increase soon, so really you’re doing yourself a favour. Imagine all the noodles you can buy with that saving. Winner.

Ready to do what’s right?