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10 Tips For Surviving Uni

If you’re heading off to experience the joys of uni soon then don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with our 10 Tips For Surviving Uni – no need to thank us.

10. Stock up on your ready meals and tinned food

Let’s face it no one has time for cooking. Ready meals are the way to go. They’re easy, cheap and they taste alright… or you can munch some spaghetti hoops straight from a can, we won’t judge!


9. Get the cheapest bottle of booze you can find

That student loan disappears quickly and you don’t want to be the one chugging tap water at pres. Get yourself whatever is on sale or even Aldi’s own brand, anything will do!


8. Learn your Hangover cures

Netflix, Pizza and more Netflix is the way to go. Despite what you might have read on Buzzfeed bread and water is not the ultimate hangover cure.


7. Hang up pictures on your bedroom wall of people you’re NOT gonna miss!

A bit petty? Maybe but it’s soo satisfying to remind yourself of the dead-weights who are no longer a part of your life.


6. Bring some fancy dress

You’re gonna be invited to a fancy dress party at some point so can’t just throw something together at the last minute. You need to be prepared!

Fancy Dress

5. Build your library playlist

Picture this, you’re in one of your dorm mate’s car for the first time and you get passed the aux. This is your moment, you have to hit them with a set of specially selected bangers. You can’t disappoint or you’ll lose this privilege! If you’re stuck, chuck on one of the R&L ones, we’ve got you covered.


4. Reinvent your wardrobe

Blue skinny jeans and an 11 Degrees shirt may have ran in college and sixth form but now it’s time to change it up a bit. You can’t be going on a night out looking the same as everyone else in the club.


3. Find your like-minded society

It can literally be anything from heavy metal, skiing, ultimate Frisbee or even the Quidditch society – trust us no matter what your thing is, they’ll have you covered.


2. Enjoy yourself!

The next 3 years of your life are going to be crazy in so many ways but it’s one of the best times of your life! So try and enjoy it that’s the most important thing, well second most important behind….

Have fun

1. Grab an R&L 2021 ticket

I mean obviously, everyone will be doing it you can’t miss out on the biggest R&L yet. Did we mention that we have two main stages and six headliners?