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10 Essential Joy Crookes Tracks

Joy Crookes will be gracing us with her Reading Festival debut this summer and we can’t wait to be front row at the BBC Radio 1 Stage to witness history being made.

Count down 10 of her essential tracks with us to start getting excited (and memorising lyrics) for her Friday performance.

10. Mother May I Sleep With Danger?

COLORS deserve a Nobel Peace prize for bringing this into the world. We still haven’t recovered from when it came out 3 years ago.

9. Don’t Let Me Down

Apparently even K-Pop legends BTS are clocked on to this song, we’re not surprised.

8. Two Nights

This is, hands down, one of the biggest bangers to come out of 2019. Don’t argue with us.

7. Hurts

Iconic song, iconic music video.

6. Early

Joy Crookes teams up with Dublin-based Jafaris on this one.

5. Since I Left You

“You dined on my demons when I was just seeking for someone who I could call home” we felt that.

4. London Mine

Shout out to all you Londoners, this one’s an ode to your home.

3. Man’s World

Stick around for a surprise at the end of the song, trust us, it’s worth it.

2. No Hands

At this point, she’s really ready to rule the world.

1. Yah / Element – Medley

Kendrick Lamar with a Joy Crookes touch, we’re obsessed.

Joy Crookes plays the BBC Radio 1 Stage on Friday, 28th August.