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And that’s it for Day One… Who’s ready for Day Two?

Posted:Friday | 10:13 AM
The 1975 live out a childhood dream as headliners of Reading Festival 2019

The 1975 live out a childhood dream as headliners of Reading Festival 2019

Posted:Friday | 9:48 AM

THAT is how you headline Friday night at Reading Festival.

Alternative pop-rock band The 1975 made their headline and Main Stage debut at Reading Festival this Friday night. They headlined the BBC Radio 1 Stage in 2016, and since then they’ve become one of the biggest and most important bands in the world.

The Brit award-winning band made an explosive entrance with a debut of angsty new track ‘People’ – an in-your-face punk anthem calling out for everyone to take action against climate change. “There’s not enough time for the universe”, frontman Matty Healy declares, as he uses his platform to shout about the shocking impact of climate devastation. Before the finale kicked off, their collaboration with environmental activist Greta Thunberg, ‘The 1975’ was played out, with the words of her very important essay plastered across the Main Stage screens. The band aren’t shy when it comes to political statements – with hit track ‘Loving Someone’ quickly becoming a pride anthem across the world.

The 1975 Reading Festival

With Matty’s iconic treadmill, groove-fuelled dancing and constant interaction with the crowd, their performance made for an unforgettable and intimate show. Matty was repeatedly thankful for the crowds support on their big night, but we should be the ones thanking him.

Highlights included ‘Give Yourself a Try, ‘Somebody Else’ and hooky dance indie classics ‘Chocolate’, ‘Sex’ and ‘Girls.’ Each track was met with screams from the crowd who were equally as excited as the band for them to be headlining this year’s festival.

The 1975 Reading Festival

The 1975 rounded off Friday’s music in style with feel-good anthem ‘The Sound’, which left the crowd screaming for more. Coupled with an incredible light show and mesmerising performance – The 1975 have certainly proved their worth and cemented their place as the perfect choice for a headliner for years to come.

Dave marks himself as one to watch

Dave marks himself as one to watch

Posted:Friday | 9:43 AM

One of the best things about Reading Festival is how eclectic the line up is year after year. While The 1975 headline the Main Stage, South London’s finest Dave brought his distinctly British hip hop to the BBC Radio 1 tent.

With the tent rammed before the rapper even took the stage, Dave’s position as a second-stage headliner is clearly justified. At only 21 years old, he is also the youngest stage headliner by a considerable amount, and one of the most versatile performers in his genre.

To pull a crowd as large as he did with only one full-length album under his belt, 2019’s ‘Psychodrama’, is a further testament to Dave’s enormous talent. Humble as ever, the rapper asks the crowd to carry the melody of ‘Voices’, but its Dave’s dulcet tones that shine through.

Picking up the energy with more upbeat cuts from ‘Psychodrama’, Dave proves himself one to watch as a future main stage headliner, proving definitively that hip hop will always have a place at Reading Festival.

Dave-Reading Festival

The 1975’s FIRST EVER live performance of People

Posted:Friday | 12:04 AM

Royal Blood rock Reading Fest

Posted:Friday | 11:57 PM

As the sun sets on the first full day at Reading Festival, Royal Blood rock the Main Stage with their electrifying soundtrack, and the crowds were loving every second.

Drummer Ben Thatcher was thriving on the energy of the crowd, so much so that his hat fell off mid-song, but like a pro, he carried on.

Mid-set Mike Kerr confessed: ‘We only came here to have a good time’ which got a huge response of agreement from the crowd.

The huge screens which magnified the figures on stage were black and white, a contrast to the multicoloured sky which we had here today. Keeping with this monochrome theme the band donned dark sunglasses and black attire as the sunset on our first day.

Pup bring their morbid stuff to the Lock Up Stage

Pup bring their morbid stuff to the Lock Up Stage

Posted:Friday | 11:30 PM

As the sun set on a perfect first day of music, Pup frontman Stefan Babcock was busy screaming “I hope the sun explodes, I hope that we all die” over at the Lock-Up stage.

The Canadian punk quartet bought the ruckus as they blasted through a set comprised primarily of songs from the incredible ‘Morbid Stuff’ released earlier this year. Fans jumped, clapped and crowd surfed on queue as the band played anthem after nihilistic anthem, attracting many passers-by who were previously unaware of them.

Mr Krabs Gif

Passers-by during Pup’s set

Deeper cuts such as ‘Reservoir’ and ‘Dark Days’ from the band’s self-titled debut were met with equal fervour, but it was the songs from 2016’s ‘The Dream is Over’ that truly turned the Lock-Up tent upside down. Closing on ‘If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You Then I Will’ straight into the riotous ‘DVP’, Pup left fans hungry for their November UK tour.

Pale Waves send shock waves through audience

Pale Waves send shock waves through audience

Posted:Friday | 11:21 PM

The Northerners travelled south for their latest gig, here on the Festival Republic Stage at Reading Festival.

With the crowd equally as big on the inside as the number of people watching the screens outside, Pale Waves were a huge success.

Their front women, Heather, owned the stage with her captivating presence and her truly mesmerising voice.

With Pale Waves projected onto the back screen, alongside the heavy base which reverberated throughout your body, it was impossible to miss this band.

Emo Chic has never looked so good.

How did she get her make up to stay on in this heat? We’ll never know.

Joji gets Reading Festival slow dancing in a tent

Joji gets Reading Festival slow dancing in a tent

Posted:Friday | 8:29 PM

Watching Joji perform on the BBC Radio 1 Stage this evening, it’s hard to believe this is the same guy who once ate a cake made with human hair.

Indeed, it’s only during an impromptu cover of Randy Newman’s ‘You’ve Got a Friend In Me’ that the Japanese-American singer gives any indication of his past life as YouTuber Filthy Frank. With his tucked in vest and theatrical microphone gestures, Joji’s onstage persona today is closer to Freddie Mercury.

Joji reminds Reading Festival why he’s one of the fastest rising figures in lo-fi R&B, cramming in as many bangers from 2018s ‘Ballads 1’ as he possibly can. Taking the stage with just a keyboard player and guitarist, Joji’s voice is truly the hero of these minimal trap-infused tracks.

By the end of his set, the tent is practically overflowing with people eager to catch Joji at such an early stage in his career. The audience even drowns out the band during set closer ‘Slow Dancing in the Dark’, as Joji prances around the stage, ecstatic that his humble ballads have reached such a large audience.