Reading 1991


“I worked there once as a steward with Jon Lee and Donna Matthews who went on to join Elastic. I remember watching Nirvana headline, climbing up a delay tower, seeing Suede… I will always remember tha day, as I got paid to see all my favourite bands. Result!” – Grant Nicholas of Feeder

“25 August 1990. After we went on, The Inspiral Carpets played, and their performance was dazzling. A breathtaking light show, a huge fireworks display, drum majoretter… I think they must’ve spent most of their fee on the stage show. The next day they were completely blown away by The Pixies in the same slot – just four odd looking people standing on a stage playing without any theatrics or gimmicks. The sheer power and quality of the music was more than enough.” – David Gedge of The Wedding Present on their favourite Reading memory