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Teddy Swims

BBC Radio 1 StageFriday4:55 pm

Reigning from Atlanta, GA, vocal powerhouse Teddy Swims (born Jaten Dimsdale) found himself on the path towards self-forgiveness when he started putting pen to paper for his debut studio album, I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1), via Warner Records. Though he’s released music and toured the world since making his debut in 2019, the 31-year-old Georgia-born artist has spent much of the last four years writing his way towards an album that would tell this story – his story – to the people who were ready to receive it.

An emotionally walloping and deeply resonant body of work to be released in multiple parts – much like Teddy’s own journey of self-discovery – I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1)  is an album about diving headfirst into healing without any floatation devices. The ten-song Part One finds Teddy working out some very big, very real issues through his music. “Now I’m watching people connect with the messages and stories and realizing not only are the songs helping me, but they’re also helping them too,” he says. “It feels like all that work on the back end, all that internalizing, is finally making a difference.”

Swims’ breakout Platinum hit “Lose Control” became his first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with one of the longest climbs to the top in Hot 100 history. Also marking Swims’ first #1 at Hot AC radio, the track has garnered nearly 1 billion global streams, reached #4 on the Billboard Global 200 chart, and #1 on the US and Global Shazam charts. Additionally, “Lose Control” has taken flight across the globe, reaching 2x-Platinum status in four countries thus far. With over 2.6 billion career streams to date, a sold-out global headline tour underway, and new music in the works, Swims is already on track for a record 2024.