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Sea Girls

“Sea Girls, seagulls, get it?”

Sea Girls are a four piece from Leicestershire and Kent who are starting to make a name for themselves… a very large stone’s throw away from the nearest stretch of sea”. Henry and Rory originally hail from Lincoln whilst Oli, born in Hong Kong, grew up in Leicestershire. Andrew grew up in Kent as a child via stints in Indonesia and Sri Lanka later settling in Leicestershire.

“Our music sounds different now and we’ve shifted around instruments, but we have stuck together and developed our Sea Girls sound. We want to make diverse interesting music by constantly improving. If we can produce songs that make you get up spin around and then cry, we’re happy. I guess the ultimate would be for people to relate an experience or part of their life to our music and for us to grow with them”

It may be early days for Sea Girls, but if these tightly honed rock songs keep packing such solid punches, they won’t be held back for long.