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Loveless first met in 2019 and released their debut single “Better []” in April 2020 just as COVID lockdown restrictions began to go into full force. The limitations prevented any touring plans and found Loveless embracing social media to connect with fans globally.

The pair began to find success posting thrilling covers online entering the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs chart at #2 with their version of Elley Duhé’s “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT [],” garnering attention from Lizzo with their spin on “About Damn Time [],” and going viral with their emo/pop-punk version of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever [],” to name a few.

Loveless have built an astonishing community online with 2M TikTok followers, 1.5M Spotify monthly listeners, over 263k YouTube subscribers, 5M monthly streams on Pandora, and over 306k+ followers on Instagram.