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Jorja Smith

BBC Radio 1 StageFriday9:20 pm

September 29th 2023 – British singer Jorja Smith has released her highly anticipated second album ‘falling or flying’

‘falling or Flying’; a sonically vast record – sometimes sleek and shiny R&B, sometimes vibey and heated UK funky, elsewhere intense and raw alternative – is a record which finds an artist stepping into a new chapter. Jorja’s acknowledging the ever-whirring cogs of her brain but also moving through it, growing, respecting herself above everything else. It’s why the defiant lead single ‘Try Me’ – an astute, self-dissecting take on being viewed by the public gaze over bold, intricate beats – is also the opening track of the album. She explains: “It’s kind of ‘BAM!’, you know? It whacks you right in the face, it sounds like an entrance.” She credits the record’s slick and assured musicality to production duo DAMEDAME*: “I feel like making the album brought me back home,” she smiles, warmly, “Where you’re from is where you get your powers, and that’s why I’m so grateful I could make this with DAMEDAME* – they still have their roots in the ground from back home. And we had so much fun making this.