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BBC Radio 1 StageFriday12:00 pm

Frozemode, made up of I.V.GATLIN, Lisong and Cho-Hollow, is a London-based alternative rap trio who pride themselves on their hard-hitting bars, playful and inventive melodies and musical versatility. Less than a week into the launch of their debut single ‘Maybelline’ in December 2022, Frozemode secured the praise of tastemaker spearhead and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jack Saunders with a ‘Next Wave’ feature.

The band have been coined as a Record of The Day 2023 ‘One To Watch’, and have been featured across key press with Wonderland saying they have “plausibly delivered one of the best UK hip-hop debut cuts in recent memory”. The band strive to keep their music as down to earth and as raw as possible, writing about their personal experiences and struggles, with each track putting everything on the table and laying it bare.