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Ecca Vandal

Ecca Vandal is fired up. “I feel like these are the rawest recordings I’ve made,” she declares with excitement. “There’s a vulnerability in there, and looking back, it really represented some of the things I’ve been going through over the past year. Some were even the first take when I was in the early writing process but they had a vibe and emotional honesty to it so we kept it all in there.”

The Melbourne-based, genre-defying, immeasurably talented artist is excited with good reason. She’s now more than a year removed from the surprise release of her debut EP – the then peak of her steady rise through the ranks as one of the most attention grabbing new acts in music. That period since though, has seen her widely celebrated, and cut a path that has led her to where we stand now, poised at the release of her debut album – the self-titled Ecca Vandal.