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Main StageSunday2:00 pm

Every so often, a new band arrives that feels important; like they’re about to mean something to so many. Liverpool’s CRAWLERS are just that – a group built not just on an undeniable ability to write exciting and eclectic rock songs, but an empathetic passion that fuels them to stand up, speak out and open their arms to anyone in need of a safe space and community.

Since their inception, CRAWLERS have been putting the work in, gigging across Merseyside, working on their songwriting and steadily building an impressive following on social media that is often hard to come by for unsigned bands. The latter has been an essential tool for the group, who already have over 650k followers on TikTok. Holly’s knowledge of social media helped them plug their gigs and releases effectively online, opening up new opportunities for the band.

No matter how many people are listening, using their platform is something that remains at the heart of what CRAWLERS want to do with the band. “It’s really hard to find a safe space – especially for young people, queer people, and other misrepresented or underrepresented groups – and being able to do that with our platform is something we’re looking forward to exploring and breaking new boundaries with.”