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Big Special

Big Special are made up of Joe Hicklin (Singer) and Callum Moloney (Drums). With humble beginnings, the duo met on a college course in The Black Country having both been in various musical projects most of their lives. Hicklin had become somewhat a local institution due to performing frequently, and Callum had moved to Bristol mostly playing in wedding bands.

An avid writer of poetry, during lockdown Hicklin rewrote them into lyrics and wanted Moloney to be the drummer even though they had lost touch, but he declined due to the general commitments of life. Hicklin’s partner told him to ask again, whilst Moloney’s partner pushed him to drum outside of the cover bands which he had become tired of, and so they were reconnected and have been able to create something truly special.

Through countless odd jobs, career changes, and living pay cheque to pay cheque, Big Special have their roots firmly in the struggles of the working class, and how the impoverished are treated.

This is music from The Black Country.

“These two men make an amazing noise. Fantastic poetry, powerful songwriting and a texture of sound you’re just not going to hear any place else. It absolutely is both Big and Special.” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music