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Barry Can’t Swim

ChevronSaturday6:45 pm

Edinburgh-born, London based producer Barry Can’t Swim is one of the fastest growing names in the electronic scene. Making a name for himself for making his own unique brand of world inspired, jazz inflicted electronic music. Classically trained Joshua Mannie is a hotly tipped multi-instrumentalist(piano, guitar, bass, drums),producer and DJ making heads turn and feet dance on the international club circuit. Barry Can’t Swim released his debut album on Ninja Tune in 2023.

Barry Can’t Swim has accumulated over44M total streams on Spotify alone and currently has1.3M Monthlies. Cover star of metropolis (795k),UK House Music(700k),OFF POP (421k),RADAR: First Listen (20k), and The Loft (10k),Barry was selected as Spotify’s RADAR UK: First Listen artist. “Blackpool Boulevard” charted on Spotify Viral 50 – United Kingdom having peaked at#31(135k). Other editorial playlisting includes: New Year’s Eve Dance Party & Dance Party, Massive Dance Hits, Altar, New Music Friday, House Is A Feeling, Dance Rising, POLLEN, Friday Cratediggers, Running UK, Tokyo Club Beat, New Dance Revolution, House Special, Serotonin, Brain Food, Chill Vibes, Halo, Top Shelf Electronic, Jazz UK, Fresh Finds: The Basement, Night Shift, and loads more. Apple playlisting comprises Breaking Dance, Future Dance Hits, Loops, New Fire, New in Dance, House Nation, New in Electronic, New Music Daily, Summer Vibes and The Underground.